Canadian goose down duvet filling
Experience the world’s finest bedding. Crafted from sumptuous natural materials, which have been carefully selected for their excellent breathability and thermal properties. Choose from goose down and feather, cashmere, pure silk or Arctic new Eiderdown. Make your nightly escape.

Goose Down
Pillows & Duvets

The super soft under plumage of the goose, down is naturally airy with an open structure that holds in the heat. Warmer than duck down yet lighter in weight, this natural filling provides sublime warmth and comfort. Choose from our summer, autumn or heavier 12 tog winter duvet and wrap yourself in Savoir comfort.
Supreme duvet 12 tog

Pure Silk

Decadently soft with a beautiful drape, our 100% silk duvet marries exceptional temperature regulating properties with the finest materials. Naturally cooling and ultra-lightweight, delicate silk fibres feel softer than down, yet efficiently wick moisture away from the skin. Encased in a soft Tencel sateen fabric cover in luminous champagne, our slim silk duvet drapes particularly well, making it the perfect partner for balmy summer nights.
Silk duvet


Celebrated for its incredible softness and warmth, pure Himalayan cashmere is the ultimate luxurious natural fibre. Its soft and fine hairs, combed from the cashmere goat, feel incredibly light and comfortable against the skin. Significantly more insulating than sheep's wool, this natural material harmoniously combines superior softness with exceptional comfort and outstanding thermal properties.
Cashmere duvet topper

Arctic New Eiderdown

The soft feathers from the Eider duck produce the most exclusive variety of down in the world. With exceptional thermal properties, superior to any other down, it feels both decadently soft and warm against the body. It also retains its structure amazingly well, making eiderdown translate to much greater longevity for your duvet.
Arctic eiderdown
Tufting on topper of No.4
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