Savoir x National Gallery, an otherworldly collaboration

Adorn a Savoir bed with one of the world’s finest paintings from the prestigious National Gallery in London.

Inspired by shared passion for art, our collaboration with National Gallery takes creativity in interiors to a new, exciting level. Brought to life by Savoir’s design and upholstery specialists, who fuse generations of slow craftsmanship with paintings by the world’s finest masters and wunderkinds, this collaboration sets new standards for self-expression.

Through the exceptional techniques of our skilled craftspeople, we can upholster, customise, and align any painting onto a Savoir design. Just like all of our beds, a National Gallery design is only stated once it has been commissioned by the client. Following the selection of the headboard design and painting, our designers will create a digital version of the bed. Working alongside our upholstery specialists and the client, they ensure all the key elements of the chosen painting are in the desired place.

It is at this stage that the team liaises with the National Gallery, who personally approves the design, in order to guarantee it preserves the integrity of one of the greatest art institutes in the world.

When beds become canvasses… Museum – worth art and a double bed might seem an unusual pairing (unless you are Tracey Emin), but the two make ideal bedfellows in a new collaboration.

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Once ready, they are sent to our fabric partners Andrew Martin, who digitally print the template of the painting onto the fabric chosen by the client. When received in our London Bedworks, the true time-consuming precision craft begins. Savoir’s fabric specialist will review every inch of the fabric, ensuring the colour and positioning is absolutely perfect. The skilled seamstresses then precision cut and carefully sew all elements together.

Once sewn, the fabric is passed on to our upholsterers. Using detailed templates and imagery supplied by the designer, they begin to bring the masterpiece to life. With the headboard and base frame crafted by the Savoir carpenters, the fabric is precisely aligned, wrapped, and secured by hand to the bespoke frame. It is at this point that Patrick, one of Savoir’s long-standing upholsterers, will say, “I like this one.”

One of the most intriguing collaborations to date, the National Gallery London collection for Savoir Beds is a special series where clients of the luxury British company can have any painting within the gallery upholstered onto a Savoir headboard and base.

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Selecting the artwork

When bringing the project to life, we chose three distinct artworks to paint a picture of the limitless possibilities of bespoke design. The first, pictured above is the infamous Water-Lilies, ‘Setting Sun’ piece by Claude Monet. Painted in 1907, the artwork depicts the beautiful garden Monet has built at his home in Giverny, France. Showcasing pink and yellow hues of the setting sun reflected in the pond, the painting elegantly brings the beauty of nature indoors. Combined with our minimalist headboard, the Harlech, the painting instantly becomes the focal point of the room.

The second painting, Jan van de Cappelle’s ‘Shipping Scene’ was digitally printed and upholstered onto our Felix headboard. The signature old gold speckle nails frame the painting, adding an element of visual intrigue against the moody tones of Cappelle’s depiction of Dutch yachts.

Our last design features a digital print of Giovanni’s ‘The Combat of Love and Chastity’, also paired with the Felix design. The edge of the headboard, filled with lavish horsehair acts as a frame, as the vivid colours of the painting take centre stage, bringing a joyous atmosphere into the room.

Pair it with a Savoir

While our Harlech and Felix headboards are the best designs to display the beautiful works of art, any of our 6 unique bed sets can be paired with your bed. An angular headboard, such as the Felix or Harlech, make for the best canvas for a work of art. Their modern, pared-back design allows the art to take centre stage, completely uninterrupted. As a last step, we pair the design and artwork with one of our 6 iconic bed sets. And while all bed sets can be paired with this collaboration, our latest arrival, the Nº5, celebrates the art of self-care, making it the perfect fit for a National Gallery work of art.

Visit your nearest showroom to learn more about the collaboration and bring a piece of art into your bedroom today.