Bed Burdon Cooper - Designer (designer for a Savoir Bed)

Ben’s back ground is in furniture and product design but draws on a wide range of influences. His designs reflect his interest in industrial design and classical period styles. In his work he aims to achieve designs of classical proportion that have a refined quality of line, which combine both traditional and new materials. Ben offers the services of bespoke commissions.

Without doubt had Savoir’s New York Store been open whilst Holly was enchanting New York then this bed would have surely been top of her list, as one of life’s little essentials.

What sort of bed would Audrey Hepburn as Miss Golightly have sipped tea in, having enjoyed a night out on the tiles was the question we posed at Savoir?

We wanted to give the Holly, like Audrey Hepburn, a timeless elegance. The oversize headboard with its restrained buttoning and piped edge give it a modern metropolitan feel whilst the walnut sabre legs hint at a delicately turned ankle.

Ben Burdon Cooper - Bed design bed slides