Mandeep Dillon - Designer

Having completed a degree in interior architecture, Mad Dillon began her career in an architects practice, before changing her discipline to filmmaking; working on documentaries about a range of issues including the environment, the arts and conflict in Africa and the Middle East.

Throughout her career, Mad has had a strong interest in fine art and has created artworks for both private clients and designers. Four years ago, she returned to the design world and began her work for Savoir Beds. Adding an aesthetic dimension to the already supremely comfortable beds, Mad has designed several new, contemporary, ranges for Savoir and has also re-styled the company’s photography and showroom spaces.

Mandeep Dillon - Bed design - Savoir Beds
Mandeep Dillon - Designer - Savoir Beds
Mandeep Dillon - luxury bed designer - Savoir Beds