Sacha Walckhoff - Designer

Inspired by the handcrafted Savoir mattress pocket springs, Sacha Walckhoff was keen to incorporate these heavily in to his design. The ‘B’ bed features pod-like cubby-holes and a headboard made entirely of pocket springs, upholstered in ‘Powder’ blue Alcantara®. In a retro silhouette, the ‘B’ bed nods to the furniture of 1970s, while its functionality, material and trend-driven colourway offer a contemporary edge.

In August 1992, Sacha Walckhoff met Christian Lacroix, which was to be the start of a long-lasting collaboration between them. Walckhoff initially acted as Manager of the various off-the-peg lines, and then as Studio Director in 1996. In 2002, Christian Lacroix asked him back full-time and he became the couturier’s right hand man. In January 2010, with its founder leaving the House of Christian Lacroix, Sacha Walckhoff was appointed Creative Director. Simultaneously to the collections he designs for the House of Christian Lacroix, Sacha Walckhoff has been dedicating some time to more personal creations since January 2014.

Sacha Walkhoff  - Designer
Sacha Walkhoff