Teo Yang, Designer

Teo Yang started his career traveling and working in many vibrant cities, such as Amsterdam, Berlin and L.A, designing luxury interiors for boutique hotels and homes.  After many amazing years of learning and creating in these beautiful cities, he moved home to his beloved Seoul.


Over the course of his career, Teo has worked on interior design projects all over South Korea, some of which have been featured in Vogue Living, Elle Decor, and GQ, among others. He is also a bestselling author of two books about interior design and life style.

After discovering Savoir’s history, craftsmanship and comfort, Teo Yang’s own love for creating a story led to the development of the collaboration. Teo’s strong concept and story became the guidelines for the Moon 01 bed. “I had certain goals when I was creating the design. And one of them was introducing the eastern way of the night-time and how we embrace it,” reveals Teo Yang. “The eastern culture perceives the moon as the goddess that watches over us during the night. I wanted to bring the symbol of a peaceful night’s sleep in to the bedroom with this design.”

Teo Yang Teo Yang
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