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Award-winning design studio creates three bedroom schemes with our Lilies Design

The bold design and vivid colourways of Zandra Rhodes’ Lilies bed inspires SHH Interiors to create three luxurious bedroom schemes.
Zandra Rhodes Lilies Bed's headboard

The award-winning design studio SHH Interiors specialise in creating luxurious spaces. From country retreats to coastal sanctuaries, they inject colour, ambience, and character into their projects. We have partnered with their team to uncover the versatility of Dame Zandra Rhodes’s ‘Lilies’ bed and learn how to incorporate it into different bedroom schemes. Designed in collaboration with Dame Zandra Rhodes, the Lilies Design is adorned in her signature print. Although originally photographed at Zandra’s rainbow penthouse in central London, together with Studio SHH we’ve embarked on discovering how this design can work within any bedroom scheme.

Using the elegant arc of lilies as inspiration, the Studio has created three schemes that convey a different mood and design approach. We talk to Susie McLaren, Creative Head of Residential at SHH in London and Internationally, about her love for Zandra’s design and how to create three different schemes with the Lilies bed as the focal point.

“Everything we do at the SHH Studio begins with our client. We have taken inspiration from existing and recent real projects and scenarios to re-imagine these three bedrooms.”

Zandra Rhodes Lilies Collection

Zandra Rhodes’s ‘Lilies’ bed


Blue Dreamscape

A master bedroom with spectacular views of the sea and direct access to the beach. Cool, fresh, and light in colour. Lots of white and neutrals draw inspiration from the local landscape and the clear blue tones of the Mediterranean sky and sea. A sanctuary where one can escape and relax in complete comfort.


Coastal mood board

‘Blue Dreamscape’ mood board

The Scheme

We wanted to make the Lilies in ‘Blue Dreamscape’ the hero of the room. Its colourway perfectly picks up the white, ivory, and blue tones. Whilst the fluidity and hand-sketched element of the design guided the furniture selection. Natural material weaves and artisan aspects complement the bed. Helping us to achieve the relaxed feel that we are aiming for.

The walls are softly painted in Pure & Original paint. Its lime-based finish gives depth and a soft powdery appearance often found in historical buildings bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

We wanted the bed design to take centre stage in the room. However, it is important for the rest of the furniture to be interesting and lively. Highlights include the William Yeoward bedside cabinets with their woven pattern carved wood. A beautiful unique shell chest of drawers from Nicholas Haslam. The Justin van Breda rattan chair and a Nicholas Haslam chandelier made of natural fine abaca rope both add interest to the room. The O&A London rug by Riviere Rugs comfortably nests under and around the bed. Drawing influence from the sea, the rug creates an ombre effect shading from dark to light. Giving a gentle reminder that this is a place to relax.

The bed is layered with bespoke bed linen. Developed with Savoir as part of their bespoke bed linen service we’ve incorporated 100% pure linen.  The scalloped trim cotton embroidery in a desaturated blue tone complements the overall scheme.

Lilies Blue Dreamscape Master Bedroom Scheme

Lilies 02 upholstered in Zandra Rhodes ‘Lilies, Blue Dreamscape’ in Linen



A glamorous and bold bedroom, filled with unexpected elements, paired with a brave colour palette of warm rich tones. This scheme creates a room that feels wonderful, warm, and welcoming all year round.

Wonderland Mood Board

‘Wonderland’ mood board


The scheme

Zandra Rhodes’s Lilies in ‘Wonderland’ is the perfect statement piece that defines this room. The strong contrasting colour palette of warm and rich burgundy, vibrant pink, and apricot shades helps build a welcoming scheme.

We’ve highlighted the golden, apricot colours in the headboard with the colour of the walls and curtains. The plum blossom de Gournay wallcovering with its white, pink, and burgundy flowers adds to the palette and the glamorous tone. Curved shapes and details create a feminine style throughout. The Kelly Wearstler pendant light, the Interlude Darcy Chair and the cherry blossom wallpaper pattern all rest within the frame of the headboard along with the Mark Asplin Whiteley bedside tables. To complete the scheme, we have chosen a bespoke 100% cotton sateen bed linen in a soft pink, apricot tone with a contrast inset border.

Lilies Wonderland Bedroom Design Scheme

Lilies 05 upholstered in Zandra Rhodes ‘Lilies, Wonderland’ in Velvet


Spring Awakening

A bedroom suite with large windows, overlooking a rose garden in a beautiful period property. Mixing patterns and light colours to create an English country aesthetic. Working with the classic proportions, period, and history of the house whilst injecting elements of fun.

Lilies Spring Awakening Mood Board
‘Spring Awakening’ mood board


The scheme

Taking references from a rose garden, we thought the Lilies in ‘Spring Awakening’ would be the perfect starting point for this scheme. A feminine room that mixes traditional furniture with shapes and colours inspired by lilies and the garden.

The headboard sits majestically against the traditional half panelling, painted in a soft green and complemented by the Soane wallpaper above. Whilst classic furniture is given a contemporary twist with a lively use of colour. The soft furnishings selected with intricate hand-printed patterns, work beautifully with the headboard and wallpaper design. The room exudes a very relaxed English country style, which features a mix of pattern, proportion, colour and comfort. The overall scheme is complemented by bespoke bed linen. A 100% cotton sateen in a feminine blush tone with an inset border and embroidered scallop pattern.

Lilies Spring Awakening Bedroom Design Scheme

Lilies 01 upholstered in Zandtra Rhodes ‘Lilies, Spring Awakening’ in Velvet

From coastal sanctuaries to historic country homes, the three schemes created by SHH Interiors reveal the true versatility of the Lilies design. The carefully curated colourways created by Zandra can work with any bedroom scheme, from the master suite to a child’s bedroom.  Discover our collaboration with Dame Zandra Rhodes on our design page. For additional details on SHH and their personalised approach to design visit

About SHH

Created in 1991 by David Spence, Graham Harris and Neil Hogan, SHH is an award-winning Chartered Architectural and Interior Design practice. They are based in London but work globally. SHH is vastly experienced at working across sectors – Residential, Hospitality and Commercial, and across disciplines – Architecture, Interior Design and FF&E. Offering a multi-faceted entirely bespoke service incorporating world-leading design. It is underpinned with commercial business sense to ensure the client’s project works for them. SHH’s teams are led by the three Founders, supported by six Directors around the world, whose experience spans all disciplines and sectors.