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How Fromental introduced nuances of Japanese art to an iconic bespoke British bed

A grand bed which is the ultimate in sleep haute couture. Celebrating British craft and the finest handcrafted detailing.
Fromental Kiku bed - Savoir collaboration

A bespoke bed with the world’s finest handcrafted detailing is the result of a collaboration with Fromental. The creators of the world’s most beautiful hand embroidered wallcoverings and fabrics. Inspired by Japanese art, KIKU represents the endless possibilities of bespoke design and precision craftsmanship.

Featuring nuances from the Aesthetic Movement combined with a love of Japan, KIKU is a strikingly elegant bed with panels of delicate hand-painted Fromental silk wallpaper. The wallpaper displays a highly decorative motif of embroidered Japanese Chrysanthemums. It is complemented by two shades of stunning Dedar Tabularasa. The design is finished with a carefully positioned cushion upholstered in a hand-painted and gilded Fromental silk.


hand-painted KIKU headboard design Fromental collaboration

hand-painted KIKU headboard design Fromental collaboration


Behind the design

Commenting on the inspiration of the wallpaper design Lizzie Deshayes, Fromental Design Director revealed “I was visiting the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris and came across a display of late 19th century Ceramics. One piece in particular, by Atelier Haviland (in Limoges), produced a wonderful vase decorated with “engobé” glaze chrysanthemums clearly inspired by Japanese art. This led me to think about creating a design where those particular flowers, painted in that style would feature. Months later I visited the Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum. I was arrested by a stunning painting of chrysanthemums painted by Hokusai’s daughter. The layout was perfect; the different types of chrysanthemums could be translated in the Haviland vase style. The format meant each wallcovering drop could stand alone.”


Tim and Lizzie alongside a handcrafted design

Tim and Lizzie alongside a handcrafted design


“Beyond the incredible craftsmanship which is apparent the moment you see their product. The idea of working with another British brand and brilliant craftsmen and women was very appealing. The extra dimension of using our wallcovering within a piece of furniture and taking beyond the wall was an opportunity not to be missed.”


Skilfully upholstered in the Savoir London Bedworks, the statement design from the Fromental collaboration celebrates the true meaning of time-consuming, hand-executed craft. Each Savoir bed is still made in the traditional way, handcrafted by an in-house team of artisans. Through using labour intensive, time-honoured techniques, Savoir is able to create the world’s most beautiful and comfortable bed.