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Gift Guide 2020

Our collection of sleep inspired gifts for the holiday season.
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With the majority of us spending more time in our homes this year, our interior spaces have naturally come to the fore. Greater emphasis is being placed on good design and home comforts to enhance well-being, with our bedrooms playing an integral role. With this in mind we’ve put together our round up of sleep inspired gifts for those who are seeking good design, comfort and well-being this Christmas.

1. Harlech No 2 bed with Claude Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ | 2. Bill Amberg ‘Ocean’ leather bed, No 3 | 3. ‘The Vision’ Bed Linen Set  | 4. Savoir Candle, 227g/8oz

For Design Aesthetes

Gift the art of sleep with a bed upholstered in Claude Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’. Printed on sumptuous velvet and carefully handcrafted in our London Bedworks, this bed will elevate any bedroom. If you are looking for a more contemporary gift, a Bill Amberg leather bed featuring bespoke artwork showcasing the ocean at daybreak could be a great choice. Alternatively, our ‘Vision’ bed linen makes a stylish option. Made in England by the very artisans who craft bed linen for the Royal Family, the Trellis design has been crafted from yarn-dyed jacquard and woven on Italy’s oldest loom. If you are looking for a chic stocking filler, our Savoir candle comes with a burn time of 60 hours and fragrant notes of Hyacinth.

1. No 2 mattress, The Icon | 2. Siberian goose down duvet | 3. Dream 1000 bed linen set | 4. Dog topper

For Comfort Connoisseurs

A mattress may not be the most obvious Christmas gift, but it’s an investment in sleep that will be appreciated all year round. Choose our iconic No 2 mattress which is the original Savoy bed and has been slept on by luminaries such as Marilyn Monroe, Giacomo Puccini and Sir Winston Churchill. You can also help loved ones perfect the art of nesting with our sumptuous Siberian goose down duvet. Crafted from pure white Siberian down, it’s featherlight yet incredibly warm and soft for the most comfortable night’s sleep. For those who love soft sateen bed linen, our Dream 1000 thread count linen is crafted from Giza cotton, which is considered the best cotton in the world. Pampered pooches needn’t miss out as we also handcraft comfortable and stylish dog toppers in our London Bedworks.

1. HCa topper | 2. Eye mask and lavender bag | 3. Three Chamber pillow | 4. The Secret Life of the Savoy | 5. Votary Beauty Sleep Set

For Wellness Seekers

For those with well-being high on their Christmas list, a Savoir topper will be well received. Designed to elevate the feet to improve circulation and provide outstanding dreamy comfort, our hero is our HCa topper which is packed with cashmere, wool and horse tail, for the ultimate natural sleep. A Savoir eye mask and lavender bag will further heighten the sensory experience and encourage relaxation. Pillows are often overlooked when it comes to sleep, but in fact play an essential role in ensuring good sleep posture. For side sleepers, our 3 Chamber pillow is ideal. With a core of feather and down, surrounded by Siberian down, it provides extra support exactly where it’s needed, which is critical for body alignment. Add The Secret Life of the Savoy for an intriguing stocking filler and Votary’s Sleep Set which supports skin renewal at night, a gift sure to delight any beauty aficionado.

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