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Gift Guide 2021

A collection of gifts for those seeking the ultimate in comfort this holiday season.
Savoir dressing gown in white

With many of us spending more time in our homes than ever before, the bedroom has
never been so important. With home comforts in mind, The Savoir Gift Guide features a
selection of gifts for those seeking iconic design and a restful night’s sleep. From
the world’s most extraordinary beds to luxurious loungewear, this guide has been carefully
curated to help your loved ones drift off. There is even something for our four-legged friends.

Savoir Gift Guide

1. Dream 1000 Bed Linen Set | 2. Nº2 mattress, The Icon | 3. White Siberian Goose Down & Feather 3 Chambers Pillow | 4. Pure Silk Duvet 

Wildest Dreams

Gift inspiration for the aesthete. From lavish expressions of maximalism to classic Savoir designs, a collection of beds that look as beautiful as they feel.

For fashionistas, gift a bed adorned with original artwork from international fashion icon, Dame Zandra Rhodes. Straight from the catwalk, the Lilies bed is inspired by Rhodes’s original ‘Field of Lilies’ motif designed in 1971 and adored by some of the biggest names in fashion. The fresh, light tones of the Lilies bed in Blue Dreamscape creates a sanctuary where one can escape and relax in total comfort. If you are looking for a more understated design, the Chrissy bed features hand-stitched vertical panelling on the headboard and footboard to create a beautifully sleek aesthetic.

Savoir Gift Guide

1. Rocco with Savoir Nº1 | 2. Lilies by Zandra Rhodes with Savoir Nº2 Slim | 3. Chrissy with Savoir Nº1

Sleep Sanctuary

Sumptuous layers for those who love the fine art of nesting. Perfect for creating a cocooning sanctuary of soft textures and hues.

A mattress may not be the most obvious Christmas gift, but it’s an investment in sleep that will be appreciated all year round. Choose our iconic Nº2 mattress which is the original Savoy bed and has been slept on by luminaries such as Marilyn Monroe, Giacomo Puccini, and Sir Winston Churchill. Combining the finest natural materials with exceptional handcrafted details, the Nº2 provides sublime comfort to make every night feel like a night at the Savoy. You can also help loved ones perfect the art of nesting with our White Siberian Goose Down & Feather Pillow. The combination of Siberian goose down and a core of Siberian down and feather provides the perfect support for optimal sleep. For those who love sateen bed linen, our Dream 650 thread count linen is crafted crafted with extra-long staple cotton
to give the material superior strength and softness. 

Savoir Gift Guide

1. Dream 650 Bed Linen Set| 2. Nº2 mattress, The Icon| 3. White Siberian Goose Down & Feather 3 Chambers Pillow | 4. Pure Silk Duvet


For those that like to lounge around in style the new Savoir Dressing Gown and Dejllaba are the perfect gift. With our story starting at The Savoy hotel, an establishment revered for its luxurious creature comforts, the new Savoir loungewear collection is a continuation of those extraordinary standards. Marrying the finest natural cotton with impeccable British craftsmanship. With its loose-fit and super soft feel, the Savoir Djellaba is perfect to slip on for an evening routine of meditation with anatome’s Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil Blend and bedtime reading.

Christmas Gift Guide


1. Savoir Djellaba | 2. Savoir Candle | 3. anatome’s Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil Blend

For Four-Legged Friends

A luxurious gift that will pamper any pooch all year round, our Pet Snug will ensure that they are kept cosy. Carefully handcrafted at our London Bedworks, a Savoir Pet Snug will help your dog drift off. The Savoir pet topper will also help your pooch unwind in any setting. With endless upholstery options the topper can be designed to complement any aesthetic.

Savoir Gift Guide

1. Savoir Pet Toppers | 2. Pet Snug

For more Savoir gift ideas, contact your nearest showroom.

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