How to choose bedding according to season

Our carefully curated collection of luxurious bedding and bed linen ensures a comfortable night’s sleep all year. From temperature-regulating Egyptian Giza cotton and organic linen to naturally warm hemp and goose down. Read more to learn how to choose the right bedding according to seasons.

Luxurious organic linen sheets photographed on curved pink headboard against a calming setting

Creating a calming sanctuary at home is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your health and well-being. As one of the most important elements of that sanctuary, the right bedding can turn your bedroom into a place you look forward to returning to every night. And even though most bedding, especially pillows, work all year round, it’s important to adapt the rest of your ensemble according to the season, so that you can prevent overheating. Especially if you live in a part of the world that experiences considerable changes in temperature throughout the year.

There are many elements to consider when choosing your bedding and bed linen, such as finding the best fillings, thread count, and texture. Our guide is designed to help you choose the key features so that you can wake up rested and revived all year long.

Luxurious and natural Herringbone bed sheets in light oatmeal colour photographed against a calming background.
Our natural linen Herringbone collection fuses cooling properties of organic linen with sumptuous, soft feel. Photographed by Toby Mitchell for Savoir.
Detail image of Savoir's herringbone collection featuring delicate pattern.

Spring & Summer Bedding

When the temperature begins to rise, your bedding should provide a refreshing escape from the heat. During spring and summer seasons it’s important to focus on lightweight bedding that regulates your temperature and helps to wick the moisture away from your body. Then, pair it with equally breathable sheets, which can further assist in providing a cooling surface to drift off.


Linen, the most breathable of all materials, is the ultimate choice for warmer nights, especially if you find yourself overheating often. Our best-selling natural linen and cotton duvet is made with 70% pure organic linen encased in a soft cotton cover. Paired with organic linen sheets, these plant-based fibres will regulate your body’s temperature and keep it at a cool level throughout the night.

Our range includes two different sets of linen sheets, so that you can choose the feel that suits you best. The pure organic linen set features a crisp texture that is the signature of natural linen. Perfectly cooling, the set is available in a classic white tone in a Cambridge style finish. And for those with a penchant for linen but not its crisp feel, our limited herringbone collection is sublimely soft to the touch, while offering the same properties of organic linen. Available in two colours – white and calming oat, both of which add a refined, elegant touch to your bedroom.

Duvet - Vegan Linen CottonSavoir vegan linen duvet

Natural Linen & Cotton Luxury Duvet

70% Linen 30% Organic Cotton
$211.25 to $509.17 View

The Organic Linen Set - White

100% Pure Organic Linen
$1,365 to $1,619.58 View

The Herringbone Bed Linen Set - Oatmeal

Pure Linen
$1,944.58 to $2,291.25 View
Savoir white herringbone bed linen setSavoir white herringbone duvet cover

The Herringbone Bed Linen Set - White

Pure Linen
$1,944.58 to $2,291.25 View

Ideally, to initiate sleep, we want a cool body temperature. The drop in your body temperature is associated with sleep onset. We can facilitate this by creating a cool sleeping environment.

Sleep Scientist, Dr Rebecca Robbins


While down isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering summer bedding, a low tog of natural down fibres makes for a perfect summer duvet. Our Hungarian goose down and feather duvet in 4.5 tog is perfect for warmer nights, or even cooler autumnal evenings for those who find themselves sleeping on the warmer side. Combined with down pillows, your bedding will feel sumptuous and comfortable, as your temperature is kept on the cooler side.


The weave of percale cotton allows for excellent airflow, providing unparalleled comfort even on the warmest of nights. Cool and crisp, our Drift collection is made in Europe using the finest, extra-long staple fibres of this exquisite cotton. Available in Egyptian Giza 87 cotton, which is considered to be the best in the world, these sheets are akin to those you’ll find in the finest hotels. Completed with an Oxford or Cambridge finish, they perfectly elevate your bedroom, while keeping your temperature regulated all night long.


Often overlooked, mattress protectors can have a great impact on the quality of your rest, as well as provide protection for your mattress and topper. Our selection offers two luxurious options. The first, our Climate Control protector, is filled with natural Tencel fibres, which are exceptional at temperature regulation. Alternatively, for an all-year-round option, you can choose our pure cotton mattress protector, made from 100% cotton and easy to care for. It’ll enhance the quality of your sleep and elongate the life of your bed.

Pure Cotton Mattress Protector StrapsPure Cotton Mattress Protector Skirt

Luxury Pure Cotton Mattress Protector

100% Cotton
Closeup of vegan topperImage of a No 4 vegan bed set with a stripped back headboard frame

CFv Topper

Vegan Topper
$3,905.42 to $6,169.58 View
Hungarian Down Duvet 4-5 TogSavoir Hungarian Goose Down & Feather Luxury Duvet 4.5 tog

White Hungarian Goose Down & Feather Luxury Duvet

90% Goose Down & 10% Feathers
$422.50 to $1,310.83 View
Hungarian Duck Down PillowPillow - Hungarian Duck - King

Hungarian Duck Down Luxury Pillow

100% Down

Autumn & Winter Bedding and Linen

The chill of colder nights calls for bedding that provides comfort and warmth. At Savoir, we favour natural materials, such as down, because of their unique and versatile properties. While incredibly breathable, down and feathers also offer unparalleled warmth and insulation. Our duvets and pillows are made in Europe, using the finest fibres from Canada, Hungary, and Siberia. Combined with soft and luxurious sheets, you’ll create a bed that cocoons you to sleep each night.


Our 100% Siberian goose down duvet offers incredible comfort in a choice of togs. The highest, tog 12, is the perfect choice for cool winter nights. As one of the world’s finest natural fillings, the large and lofty fibres make the duvet feel light and airy, whilst providing exceptional warmth and insulation.

Luxurious and decadent, our cashmere duvet is made with 70% natural Himalayan cashmere and 30% pure wool. Wonderfully light and soft against the body, it provides excellent insulation and temperature regulation. Available in tog 10.5 and 12, both of which are perfect for autumn and winter.

A Savoir bed dressed in the Trellis bed linenSavoir Trellis oxford duvet cover in silver

The Trellis Luxury Bed Linen Set - Silver

600 Thread Count
Oxford, Plain hem
$1,083.33 to $2,226.25 View
Sateen- 300 Oxford White cordingSateen- 300 Oxford White cording

The Dream Cotton Sateen Bed Linen Set

300 Thread Count
Oxford, White cording
$671.67 to $1,256.67 View
Cashmere duvetCashmere duvet

Luxury Cashmere Duvet

Savoir hemp duvetDuvet - Vegan Hemp

Natural Hemp Luxury Duvet

70% Organic Hemp 30% Organic Cotton
$308.75 to $769.17 View


Inarguably the warmest of natural, plant-based fibres, hemp is a great choice if you’re seeking an animal-friendly option for colder months of the year. Made with 70% organic hemp and 30% organic cotton, our plant-based duvet provides a great alternative for allergy sufferers. Its natural, hollow fibres trap the air, resulting in sublime insulation and temperature regulation.


Developed exclusively for Savoir, the Italian jacquard collection features our trademark Trellis ticking. Soft and elegant, this range is available in two signature colours – white and silver, all in 600-thread count, making these sheets ideal for cooler nights.

Savoir Trellis bed linen in a new silver colourway photographed against the Virginia bed.
Luxurious bed sheets can greatly enhance the quality of your bedding. Image by Toby Mitchell for Savoir.
Savoir sateen bed sheet photographed up-close against a beige background.

Your sleeping position will determine the right pillow choice. As the layer designed purely to support your head and neck, most pillows can be used all year round. Our selection offers different styles and levels of firmness so that you can find the perfect tension for you. Discover our guide to choosing your perfect pillow here.

There are many other elements you can introduce into your bedroom to turn it into a luxurious sanctuary. From elegant throws and cushions in decadent prints, to joy-inducing candles and plants that support natural airflow. However, alongside your luxurious bedding and accessories, the right bed remains the foundation of a good night’s rest. Choosing a bespoke bed is an investment in your well-being and quality of life. A Savoir bed is handcrafted from the finest natural materials and made to your exacting preferences. From the right tension and size to upholstery and materials that turn your bedroom into a place you look forward to returning to each night, contact your nearest showroom to learn more about the benefits of a custom-made bed.