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Hugh Miller’s exclusive piece of architecture that sits next to the iconic Savoir Nº1 bed

The unexpected craftsman and the making of the keepsake box
Hugh Miller craftsmanship

Hugh Miller’s Bespoke Savoir Design

An award-winning designer and maker, Hugh Miller draws inspiration from his training when starting a new project. His training refers to architecture and Japanese philosophy inspiring design and craft bespoke pieces of furniture. Producing tables and seating as well as smaller items, Hugh embeds the design concept in the intricacy of the detail. We recently collaborated with Hugh to create a very special keepsake box for our clients that purchase a Nº1 bed.

Like the bed, the Nº1 keepsake box is handcrafted to perfection. Showcasing the small considered details which can only be accomplished by hand. This includes mitred edges, made from honey coloured oak are joined with rich walnut splines to create a beautiful pairing. The top is then carefully mounted in grooves in the box sides so that it sits flush. This gives a canvas on which the Savoir name is then inscribed by hand. It is only when the box is opened, by pulling the two halves apart, that the rich, tactile interior is revealed.


Hugh Miller workshop and a finished Savoir keepsake box

Hugh Miller workshop and a finished Savoir keepsake box


“I knew it was a match made in maker’s heaven.”

Hugh explains, “Savoir represents the pinnacle of British craftsmanship, and that’s why I was so excited to collaborate with them on the Nº1 Gift Box. In my studio we’re obsessed with quality – in materials, in design, and in craftsmanship. We have a mantra that the work should be ‘unquestionable’. Having seen first-hand the world-leading craftsmanship at Savoir Bedworks, I knew it was a match made in maker’s heaven.”


Hugh Miller with a piece of handcrafted woodwork

Bespoke furniture designer, Hugh Miller with a piece of handcrafted woodwork


About Hugh Miller

Hugh trained as an architect prior to founding his studio. He sees his work as small pieces of architecture, where the concept is embedded in the articulation of the details. Heavily influenced by his time researching in Japan as a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow, this transformative experience led him to develop a set of design principles, inspired by the Japanese making philosophy, which now underpins his studio. As well as creating his furniture collection, Hugh also designs for established brands, including recent collaborations with The National Trust and The Icehotel, Sweden.

Created exclusively for Savoir, Hugh considers his design to be a small piece of architecture that sits perfectly next to the iconic Nº1 bed, celebrating the ultimately in luxury craft.

To discover more bespoke furniture pieces by Hugh Miller, please visit his website.