If there were an immediate, entirely pleasurable way to improve your well-being – no work, exercise or change of diet required – wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

The quality of your bed dictates the quality of your sleep and, by extension, that of your waking hours. To get up every day feeling refreshed and recharged, you need a bed that supports your particular body the right amount in the right places. Without correct support, muscles tire and your REM sleep – the most restorative, mood-enhancing part of your sleep cycle – is disrupted as you toss and turn to relieve pressure points.

Lady D’Oyly Carte, who helped her husband realise his vision for The Savoy Hotel, believed so strongly in the health benefits of a good night’s sleep that a new class of bed came into being. Modern mechanisation cannot begin to match the traditional skills that produced it, which is why we at Savoir Beds continue to craft by hand, using the finest natural ingredients for today’s discerning clients.

In our hectic, high-tech world, personal comfort is a natural and achievable aspiration. We indulge in cars, home cinemas and holidays; so the bed in which we spend a third of our life is a logical, if often overlooked, investment – especially when it costs less than the price of your morning latte and pays daily dividends.

But it’s not just about common sense: it’s about you. The relaxation Savoir provides is all the more pleasurable for being personalised. Each of our beds is a bespoke creation, hand-crafted from highest-quality natural materials to the exact size, shape, tension and finish requested.

Luxury beds for a good nights sleep