Here at Savoir, we want to be absolutely sure that any bed we make for you will fit into the bedroom of your choice. Mattresses, box springs and headboards are large items, and may on occasion not fit up a staircase, through a door or around a corner. If you live in a property with a tight staircase, small landing or with low door openings, then please do inform the showroom and we can seek additional information (such as photographs and measurements) which can help us to assess the situation. If you live near a Savoir showroom, as additional reassurance, we can visit your home prior to making the bed and check access.

If access is an issue, there is usually a solution. This is part of the beauty of Savoir’s bespoke product … each bed is made for a particular client and their needs! It is possible to split some components (e.g. a headboard), or for you to consider a zipped pair of mattresses as opposed to a one piece. Alternatively, we may be able to hire specialist furniture lifts to assist with deliveries through windows or via roof terraces. We can advise what additional costs will be involved if this is required.

It is always best to check, so please do ask if there is any reason to be concerned about access.

Savoir Beds installation