Handcrafted using the finest natural materials, our mattresses and toppers are made to order. Choose your size and preferred comfort level to experience the ultimate in sleep.

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  • Closeup of vegan topperImage of a No 4 vegan bed set with a stripped back headboard frame

    CFv Topper

    Vegan Topper
    £3,605 to £5,695 View
  • Image of the mattress and box spring for the vegan bedImage of a No 4 vegan bed set with a stripped back headboard frame

    Nº4 Vegan Mattress

    The Reformer
    £10,565 to £17,220 View
  • Savoir No 2 with HW topperSavoir HW topper

    HW Topper

    Horse Tail & Wool
    £3,605 to £5,695 View
  • Test No 2 mattressImage of a No2 luxury bed set with box spring, mattress, topper and stripped back custom headboard. Available in a range of sizes including custom emperor sized bed.

    Nº2 Mattress

    The Original Savoy Mattress
    £15,970 to £25,935 View
  • A detailed image of a Savoir No3 mattress, topper and base, all adorned in the iconic Trellis ticking pattern designed specifically for SavoirImage of a naked Savoir No3 bed, showcasing a deep mattress and base and a topper, all adorned in the signature Trellis ticking pattern

    Nº3 Mattress

    The Superior
    £10,565 to £17,220 View
  • Nº5 Mattress

    The Savvy
    £1,991.67 to £5,116.67 View
  • Closeup of the side of a mattress, showcasing the side zip and gold vents, all handmade at Savoir BedworksPicture of a naked No4 bed set with base, mattress and topper but no bedding or linens demonstrate the quality of the luxury designer beds

    Nº4 Mattress

    The New Standard
    £6,530 to £10,460 View
  • No 1 bed set with HCa topperHCa topper

    HCa Topper

    Horse Tail & Cashmere Wool
    £10,075 to £16,630 View
  • Savoir CW topper detailCW topper

    CW Topper

    Cotton & Wool
    £1,495 to £2,205 View
  • Tufting on the HKy topperHKy topper on No 1 bed set

    Hky Topper

    Tengri Noble Fibres & Horse Tail
    £20,150 to £33,260 View