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Sleep studies Throughout the past 116 years, Savoir have crafted extraordinary beds for a diverse range of clientele, from prime ministers, entrepreneurs and designers to actors, singers and socialites. When the great and good are weary, let them sleep on a Savoir.
"Well, it was sublimely comfortable for one thing. Like climbing on to a cloud and pulling a duvet over me."
Sophia Money-Coutts, The Times
The Savoy Royal Suite Bedroom
“Nearly a century later, this luxurious model, slumbered on by the rich and famous, is still made today as the Savoir Nº2 bed and slept on by a slew of celebrities.”
Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Forbes Magazine
Mick Jagger in The Savoy Hotel
“Each Savoir Bed is hand-made to order in the UK, with skilled craftsmanship and the finest natural materials. After a night’s sleep on a Savoir, our guests are ready for the day ahead, mentally alert and physically rested. For the hotel, Savoir beds have been woven into the fabric of The Savoy since 1905, with memorable experiences at the heart of everything.”
The Savoy London
The Savoy Hotel
“If you are among the many sleep deprived in our society, you can at least indulge in an exceptional bed that will make those brief reclining moments as pleasurable as possible. One of the best sources for the ultimate sleep experience is London based Savoir Beds.”
Arianne Nardo, Robb Report
Photograph of a dusk skyline with clouds
“Oh Golly, my Savoir Bed. I want to eat it, let alone sleep on it… a soufflé of white marshmallows dotted with dollops of caviar. I went to bed immediately after getting home from the office at 6 and listened to a sublime recording of Don Carlos and drunk gin in total, blissful luxe…”
Nicky Haslam, World-leading Interior Designer
Nicky Haslam portrait picture