Our Cookie Policy

The law relating to cookies changed on 26th May 2012. Savoir Beds is committed to complying with this legislation. Please read our policies on cookies below.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small script/ text file placed on the hard drive of your computer by the server of a website that you visit, in this case www.savoirbeds.co.uk

Cookies used on the Savoir Beds website

The cookies that the Savoir Beds website uses are ‘first-party’ Google Analytics cookies which allow us to know whether visitors have visited the site before, how long they stay on the site and where they have browsed from, among other behavioural interactions. They differ from third-party cookies which store information on your computer from other websites you have not visited. The information we collect does not identify you as an individual or hold personal information and is used only for tracking site usage. We do not use these cookies to tailor content based on previous visits or to store your browsing preferences on the site. We also do not allow Google to use or share our data.

The key aspects of our use of cookies are as follows:

We do not share our data with any third-party or set third-party cookies.
You are anonymous. We track your general behaviour as a visitor but nothing about you. No personal information is stored.
You may disable cookies within the browser, details of which can be found at the bottom of this page. This will not result in any loss of usability on the Savoir Beds site however you should be aware that disabling first-party cookies on some sites can degrade the user experience and in some cases prevent use of the site, if for example it requires a login.

Google Analytics Cookies and what they do

The __utma cookie
This cookie is commonly called a “persistent” cookie which means that it effectively does not expire. This cookie keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site pertaining to the cookie, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred.

The __utmb and __utmc cookies
Both the __utmb and __utmc cookies work together to calculate the length of time a user spends on the site. The __utmb cookie records the time a visitor enters the site, and the __utmc cookie records when the user leaves. These are session cookies, meaning that they expires at the end of the browsing session.

The __utmz cookie
The __utmz keeps track of where a visitor has come from, what search engine was used, what links were clicked on, what keywords were used to find the site, and where they were in the world when you accessed a website. This cookie expires after 6 months.

Disabling and Deleting Cookies

We are currently working on a solution that will allow our users to provide their consent to the use of cookies *prior* to any cookies being set. In the interim, if you do not wish to have cookies enabled please follow the browser-specific instructions below that will help you to disable and delete cookies.

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Safari for iPad & iPhone

If you have any queries with regards to our use of cookies please contact: info@savoirbeds.co.uk