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Spinning The One

The bed that has everything
The Three Sixty with the low lighting turned on

In a world where unique is rarely experienced, The Three Sixty is the bed that has everything. The world’s most luxurious rotating bed for those wanting to push the boundaries of bespoke. The epitome of contemporary luxury and bespoke British craft we’ve introduced The Three Sixty to moves those who move the world.

The Three Sixty portrait  Close-up of the veneer on the Three Sixty

With over 300 craft hours invested, The Three Sixty combines aesthetics, technology and ultra-luxury. Taking the art of fine bed-making to undreamed of levels of comfort it is a celebration of no holds barred luxury. Showcasing our pursuit of the extraordinary, this one-off design pushes the boundaries in form, movement and craft. The development of such a bed is rare. Our designers and craftsmen worked together to ensure that every minute detail and considered craft delivers the ultimate combination of comfort, design and rotation.

From celebrities to royalty, Savoir has crafted a number of bespoke commissions. From transforming an actual aircraft wing in to a headboard to carefully incorporating a jewellery safe within a Savoir box spring base, anything is possible. We are passionate about crafting the uniquely rare to lead us to the extraordinary.

“Savoir Beds gives turntable technology a spin. A perfect slumber awaits in the British maker’s latest bed, The Three Sixty.”

FT, How To Spend It

Incorporating over 100 years’ experience of creating bespoke beds, our design team drew upon every past project to develop The Three Sixty. Every detail and line, from the size, shape, curve and height of the headboard, has been carefully considered ensuring the design harmoniously encompasses the Savoir N°1 and discretely incorporates the rotating technology.

We collaborated with the world’s leading creator of bespoke turntable technology, to ensure The Three Sixty rotates 360 degrees smoothly and soundlessly. With a simple touch of a button the user selects their view from the comfort of the Savoir N°1 via an app. Reading lights are carefully positioned one the best with USB and power outlets also thoughtfully incorporated. LED lights hidden in the base glow underneath, giving the illusion that the circular bed is floating.

The Three Sixty bed using turntable technology

Crafted in the Savoir London Bedworks, this one of a kind design is at the heart of what we do. We make our beds in the traditional way, handcrafted by an in-house team of artisans. It is only through using labour intensive, time-honoured techniques; Savoir is able to make the world’s most extraordinary and rare beds.

Exclusively available at Harrods, all our showrooms around the world are able to help you create your one-off Three Sixty.

To devise a bed as unique as you, please enquire via our bespoke page.