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Steve Leung fuses Chinese heritage with luxury British craft in a contemporary bed design

A collaborative design which draws on the structural and decorative detailing from the Chinese Ming dynasty period.
Steve Leung Screen bed - Savoir collaboration

Savoir worked closely with award-winning Hong Kong-based architect, interior and product designer, Steve Leung, to develop the SCREEN BED. This contemporary bed design was inspired by the vibrant history of Chinese artisanal furniture. Steve delved in to the structural and decorative detailing of the Chinese Ming dynasty with unique style elements from this period referenced within the design.



Sketch of Screen Bed

Sketch of the Screen Bed


Contemporary Bed Design


The beautifully upholstered headboard design, features operable dual-hinged side panels, reflecting the signature form of antique Chinese folding screens. Historically, these were commissioned and coveted by affluent connoisseurs of the world, promising privacy and provoking an ambiance of hidden beauty.


Steve Leung and his bed design

Bed design from Steve Leung


“We selected a lime green colour with a comfortable neutral grey. However, I have to emphasise this is only one option.”


Practical yet often decorative, the apron panels provide structural bracing between the legs of chairs, tables and cabinets, a recognised design feature of the period. Steve used this concept and has reinterpreted this trademark detail as a contemporary flourish of colour in the SCREEN BED. This has been achieved using a luxurious grey melton wool and bold neon green, with a complementing Dedar Tabularasa satin piping. The mitred corners of the bed base reference the complex joinery methods mastered by the craftsmen of the Antique Chinese furniture.


Contemporary bed design: The Screen Bed


Upholstered in the Savoir London Bedworks, this contemporary bed design celebrates the many possibilities of bespoke craft, with its endless colour and fabric combinations.

The latest Screen Bed has been re-invented a deep red colour way with leather panels and metallic Cognac piping.