The world’s most luxurious topper, Khangai Limited Edition Topper. Offering superior comfort, this topper incorporates Tengri Noble Fibres®. This luxury yarn made from the fibres of free-roaming Mongolian yak is softer than cashmere and can only be sourced by hand. This unique natural material is incorporated in to this Limited Edition topper with deep outer layers of the noble fibres, encasing two layers of premium curled horse tail around a lambswool core.

Expertly hand-tufted the Khangai Limited Edition Topper is the perfect complement to the No 1 bed; however it can be used on any of the Savoir beds.

Tengri Noble Fibres® can only be sourced by hand once a year, making this material an elite, natural luxury. If sheer decadence is what you are looking for, you will appreciate the 4kg of pure Tengri Noble Fibres® hand crafted into this Limited Edition Topper.

Here is the detail:

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