What is a box spring, and why is it important?

As the foundation of your bed, a box spring – or divan, adds to the comfort and longevity of your mattress. It’s an essential element that has an incredible impact on the quality of your sleep, ensuring you wake up rested each morning.

Harlech design upholstered in Hermes' uniquely printed fabric photographed at Hammersmith House in London

You could buy the most expensive mattress in the world, but if it’s not properly supported by a sturdy foundation – you won’t get the most from your investment. A good mattress will contain a mixture of bouncy pocket springs and upholstery fabrics – if this is then placed on a rickety slatted base, the person’s weight is placed solely on the mattress, as the base is not offering any room to give. When your luxurious mattress ends up pressed against wooden slats or other rigid surfaces, over time the springs and materials will compress inside your mattress. This not only shortens its lifespan but also results in an uncomfortable sleeping surface, causing you to wake up feeling tired and achy.

Savoir’s box spring is designed to take a person’s weight, while the mattress is designed to support it. Our box springs contain robust hourglass springs, which take the pressure off of the mattress and allow it to do the job of taking your shape and gently cushioning your body.

In the past, a box spring was considered a necessity for every bed. Serving as additional support for your mattress, it also added a feeling of grandeur to the overall design. As preferences have changed, many people are now opting for slimmer bed bases to create a more modern, sleek look – or replacing the box spring with drawers, to use the space more efficiently.

A bespoke Savoir bed offers you the ability to include all the essential elements of a luxurious night’s sleep while adapting the design to your preferences. So, if you prefer a slim, modern frame, it can be paired with a slim box spring base to give you the desired aesthetic, with all the benefits and comfort of the box spring.


A black and white image showing a Savoir craftsman star-lashing the springs into the custom-made base
The springs are hand-tied eight ways to one another and the frame to create the perfect tension in the base. Image credit: Savoir.
A close-up image of the seven-turn springs that create our sumptuous bases.

The Slim Base

Our selection of house designs presents the endless possibilities of including a beautifully upholstered box spring base within your design. The Savoir Slim base was introduced to further inspire the bespoke creations of our clients. Allowing for an even wider range of styles, while staying true to our roots and providing sumptuous comfort and longevity.

Layers of lavish horse tail and hand-tied springs are just some of the ingredients of the Savoir Slim base. Crafted using time-honoured techniques, this unique base features the same elements as the iconic Nº2 bed set only in more slender proportions. First created for The Savoy Hotel in London, it marries natural materials with handcrafted skills, which have been passed down for generations.

The Slim box spring pairs well with all our bed sets, although it is typically matched with the Nº2, especially alongside taller headboards, allowing them to take centre stage. The slim box spring can then be finished with a set of complementing legs and upholstered in a fabric of the client’s choice.

The Chrissy bed, upholstered in soft, Oyster leather, showcasing a modern approach to a classic spring base, with our luxurious No1 mattress.
The Chrissy bed features a Savoir Slim base, showcasing a modern approach to including the box spring in your design. Image credit: Alexander James for Savoir.




The Nº1

As our most luxurious bed set, the Nº1 is carefully handcrafted from the finest, natural materials. The deep base encases a supremely comfortable spring base, inside a hardwood beech frame, with traditional dovetail joints.

Independent 9″(22.5cm) hourglass springs are hand-tied in eight directions. This interlinks them whilst allowing for independent movement. The springs are then covered with a jute fabric before generous quantities of premium horse tail and a layer of cotton are added. These foundations of the Nº1 promise a luxurious night’s sleep by adding to the comfort of your mattress.

Image of the naked No1 bed, showcasing the signature white Trellis ticking and a deep spring box
The Nº1 bed set, showcasing a deep box spring. Image credit: Beth Evans for Savoir
The Nº2 bed set, photographed naked, showcasing the Trellis ticking and the signature Savoy mattress.
The Nº2 bed set, featuring the iconic Trellis ticking. Image credit: Beth Evans for Savoir.




The Nº2


Originally commissioned for the Savoy Hotel in London, the Nº2 is a masterclass in craftsmanship, longevity, and style. As one of our most popular sets, its base can be paired with a variety of designs.

Featuring a box spring of independent 8″(20cm) hourglass springs, which are then hand-tied in an eight-way star-lashed interlinking, creating a sumptuous sleeping foundation. The 3″(7.5cm) stitched hair roll edge helps to further protect the mattress, giving it a firm edge and support around the edges. A lavish layer of loose horse tail is then carefully hand-laid, providing an additional layer of comfort.




The Nº3


Taking over two weeks of careful handcrafting, the Nº3 features a streamlined base, upholstered in our signature Trellis ticking. Often paired with modern, organic headboard shapes with accents of brass gold and other metals, this bed set is a true masterpiece in modern comfort.

The ideal durable, supportive and comfortable foundation for sleep, the Nº3 box spring is crafted from Grade 1 pine, independent 7″(17.5cm) hourglass springs, and loose tail hair. It holds your weight, allowing the mattress and topper to provide quality support and comfort.

Image of the Nº3 bed set, showcasing a luxurious mattress, paired with a modern base and sumptuous topper.
The Nº3 bed set, featuring a modern take on the box spring. Image credit: Beth Evans for Savoir.
The Nº4 bed set, photographed undressed, showcasing the signature Trellis ticking on the base, mattress and topper.
Our Nº4 bed set is also available in a plant-based version. Image credit: Beth Evans for Savoir.




The Nº4


Following the demand from some of the world’s finest hotels, the Nº4 bed is handcrafted in our Bedworks in Wales. Its box spring features independent 6″(15cm) hourglass springs, hand-stitched for perfect comfort and movement, encased in a grade 1 pine frame.

The bed set pairs beautifully with a wide range of styles, from modern, rectangular headboards to decadent Rococo shapes. Recently launched with a plant-based option, the Nº4v is the world’s first luxury vegan bed, featuring the signature Savoir comfort, combined with rare ingredients found in nature.



The Nº5


Our latest bed set, The Savvy, is lovingly refined, carefully stitched and crafted by hand. The materials that make the Nº5 help you cultivate an environment that gives your mind and body exactly what you need to rest and recharge.

Every element of The Savvy is handcrafted using techniques, which have been passed down for generations. It’s a time-consuming process, but our craftspeople believe perfection cannot be hurried. Like all Savoir beds, the Nº5 is created using only the finest, natural materials. From the sumptuous layers of soft, moisture wicking and temperature-regulating wool, to the naturally bouncy, supportive hair layer, and breathable cotton

Savoir No5 bed set featuring a mattress, topper and base all upholstered in signature trellis ticking.
The latest arrival, the Nº5 bed set. Image credit: Oli Douglas for Savoir.

At Savoir, we offer a 25-year guarantee for every complete bed set you purchase, to ensure your bed provides you with a lifetime of quality sleep. To discover more about including a box spring in your design, or to create a bespoke bed of your own, contact your nearest showroom.