Perfection cannot be hurried

A craftsman making the hair roll edge on a No 2 box spring base
We believe there is no substitute for the handmade. For the judgement and skill that comes from years of working with the same materials towards the same goal – the perfect night’s sleep and waking every morning completely refreshed.

We make things machines can’t

Time has taught us that perfect sleep demands the finest natural materials. Horse tail, Mongolian yak, cashmere, cotton and wool provide the most comfort, they are the healthiest and the most breathable, the best at moisture wicking and temperature regulating. These are often more challenging to work with, requiring hand processes that cannot be replicated by machines. We use machines to de-rope and card our horse tail, cut our headboards and curl our springs. Everything else we do, we do by hand, whether it’s making our toppers, mattresses or box springs, or upholstering our headboards.
Craftsman using traditional handcrafting to make a bed

Timeless techniques

We use techniques that have been passed through the generations; painstakingly star-lashing hourglass springs for just the right amount of tension and stability; hand-teasing horse tail to ensure even distribution; hand-stitching along the grid pattern of our famous Trellis ticking. It takes three years for a Savoir apprentice to learn their craft, and a lifetime to perfect it.
Craftsman and our Savoir beds star-lashing hourglass springs with just the right amount of tension and stability

One customer, one craftsperson

Your bed is made for you and you alone. We hold no stock, starting work only when an order is placed. A single craftsperson takes each bed from inception to completion, uniquely tailoring it to your specification, your body, your style. It’s a process that empowers and motivates the finest talent, encouraging ownership, pride and, ultimately, an extraordinary quality of product. Only when completely satisfied do they sign, like an artist, on the label.
A talented craftswoman using unique tailoring to match client's specifications

Crafted in tranquility

Our practice is the antithesis of the modern factory. No production line. No hulking machines. No repetitive noise. Just calm and light. At our bedworks in West London and South Wales highly skilled craftspeople work intently at individual oak trestle tables, the silence broken only by the tapping of tacks, material in motion and exchanges of ideas between colleagues. Calm is woven into the fabric of every one of our mattresses.

Savoir Beds bedworks in West London showcasing craftspeople at work

Sleep well, naturally