Sleep keeps us well. So as life speeds up, we slow down. We resist myriad challenges to quality sleep with bespoke, handcrafted beds made to an extraordinary standard of luxury. Beds handmade from natural materials and with traditional, craft techniques; beds which stand the test of time.

Savoir make fewer than 1000 luxury handcrafted beds a year because we’re focused on making the best, not the most.


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Violinist Elly Suh on the Savoir Elly bed Violinist Elly Suh on the Savoir Elly bed

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Our mission is to provide each customer with the most comfortable and stylish bed imaginable. From optimised support and custom comfort to the design of the headboard and virtually unlimited choice of contemporary fabrics, every bed we make is bespoke; handmade and signed by one craftsman for one customer.

A bed as unique as you

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