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Rolls of hessian fabric
Only the finest natural materials are selected for our beds. Where synthetic fibres, latex and memory foams cause overheating and deteriorate over time, natural fibres such as wool and horse tail offer longer lasting comfort and support. They also wick moisture away and help to regulate body temperature all year round, improving quality of REM sleep.
Basket of horsetail rope

South American Horsehair

Long and strong, South American horse tail is the basis of every Savoir mattress and most of our toppers. It is steam-cleaned, without chemicals, then twisted into ropes for three months to give a permanent curl. At our Bedworks we separate the long strands, transforming them into millions of tiny natural springs using our 100 year old carding machine. The result is a luxuriant cloud of unparalleled bounce and longevity. It not only reduces pressure points, it also wicks moisture and regulates your temperature.

Tengri Khangai Nobel Fibres

Hand-combed once a year from semi-wild yaks in Mongolia’s Khangai region, Tengri Nobel Fibres are the star of our HKy Topper. It’s as soft as cashmere, as warm as merino, hypoallergenic, naturally resistant to odour and moisture and has outstanding breathability. This rare and unique material, which our supplier buys directly from a cooperative of nomadic herders, is also highly sustainable and supports indigenous wildlife.


Combed from the neck of Mongolian goats, this rare and most luxurious of wools – prized for its warmth and ultra-fine downy fibres – features in our HCa Topper. We only use pure, unblended cashmere, placed directly beneath our specially developed, naturally stretchy cotton fabric, so you really benefit from its exquisite softness.
Savoir craftsman cutting wool


Generous swathes of soft, durable wool provide essential cushioning in our mattresses, ensuring the most sumptuous and cloud-like sleep experience. Wool has many advantages over man-made products. It’s incredibly soft, it allows the mattress to ‘breathe’, wicking away moisture, and it helps you maintain an optimal even temperature throughout the night.
Laid cord on a Savoir box spring

Laid cord

It’s essential that we achieve exactly the right tension when star-lashing the springs in our box springs. So we only use traditional oiled-flax cord, known for its strength and endurance, and used by archers at the Battle of Agincourt.
Tufting on topper of No.4

Trellis ticking

Our trademark Trellis ticking was designed in 1905 by Lady D’Oyly Carte. The innovative criss cross motif devised to guide the hand of the seamstresses. Today it is precision cut to ensure the jacquard pattern repeat is always exactly symmetrical.

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