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No.4v Savoir Vegan Bed


The Reformer

We strive for the purest sleep imaginable. As lifestyles change, we blend traditional, time-honoured techniques with modern ingredients. The new Nº4v is handmade from plant-based materials; a vegan bed with no synthetic fillings, no animal products and minimal waste. A recipe for better sleep.

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Hours to craft the world’s most extraordinary vegan bed

Vegan Society approved
All the ingredients that go into handcrafting the Nº4v box spring, mattress and topper come from sustainable sources and are free from both animal products and synthetics. Drawn from the wild and lovingly refined, they’ll imbue your bed with fresh comfort and a perfectly balanced sense of well-being.
Ingredients for No.4v Savoir Vegan Bed
Agave Lechuguilla flourishes in Mexico’s Chihuahuan desert and its Tampico fibre is dried in the sun before being combed into a supple and bouncy texture. We expertly position generous amounts of this natural wonder within the box spring and mattress to offer yielding support for the body.
Bamboo and viscose
Bamboo is fast growing and flourishes in a variety of climates, producing a silky smooth fibre that is naturally moisture wicking and temperature regulating. We blend it with viscose to create magnificent layers of comfort within the Nº4v mattress and topper, helping you to experience a peaceful and dreamy slumber.
Organic flax and cotton
Flax and cotton fabrics date back to the ancient civilisations and endure today thanks to their softness, strength and breathability. The fibres we use are GOTS certified as organic and GM free and when lavishly layered together, they provide a remarkable level of support and elevation throughout the bed.
Each bed is built by one master craftsperson who takes it from inception to completion. Every element is plant-based and uniquely yours, from the silhouette to the tension of the pocket springs. This ensures a beautiful sleep is yours, too.
Our craftspeople put their carpentry skills to work, handmaking a strong, durable wooden frame from Grade 1 pine. We carefully take the time to screw and glue the Nº4v bed frame, never using staples alone like most manufacturers.
Webbing springs
Diamond-threaded, hand-stitched cotton webbing is used to interlink the hourglass springs, whilst allowing independent movement. This ensures the base of the Nº4v will move with you while you sleep.
Webbed interlinking of No.4 box spring
Trellis ticking
Finally, the box spring of the Nº4v bed is covered in the trademark Trellis ticking, just as our beds have been for over 100 years.
Sewing of the unique Savoir ticking
Tailored for you We make everything to order; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create a unique piece of furniture.
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