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The Three Sixty

The epitome of contemporary luxury and bespoke craft; the bed with everything.
The 360 Bed

Underpinned by world leading turntable technology, this intelligent bed rotates 360 degrees and features integrated lighting and connectivity.

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Designer's notes

Mattress/ Bed Nº
Seen above featuring a Nº1 bed set, but this bed can be adapted to work with any bed model.

The 360 features an integrated headboard with gently sloping sides and fine veneer detailing. Made by Savoir craftspeople in London.

Upholstered in Dedar ‘Adama & Eva Col.177 Beige’ with the back and surround in Alma leather in Vesuvius Caliza 70-1250-0855. Birds Eye maple veneer trim. Bumat turntable, power USB outlets and LED lighting.

Turntable forms the legs.

Bespoke height.

The user can specify their view from the comfort of their bed via an app, with the movement and rotation exquisitely smooth and soundless.

CUSTOMISE YOUR BED We hold no stock; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create a unique and bespoke piece of furniture.


Plain swatch example for Savoir bed


Natural fibres – pure cotton, linen, or wool or a blend. Any fabric, any colour, suitable for upholstery.

Gold velvet fabric


The epitome of luxury, velvet offers a tactile feel as well as striking aesthetic.

Leather swatch example for Savoir bed


Smooth and supple, leather and suede are timeless material choices.

Herringbone fabric

Small Pattern

Herringbone, check or floral to name a few, a subtle print can transform a design.



Add single or double piping for definition or to accentuate curves.


Enhance a classic design with nailing in brass, silver or old speckled gold.

Wood Trim

Contrast trim in Walnut, Ebony, Oak or natural Maple adds refinement.

Veneered Wood Trim

Wood trim in Macassar Ebony or Walnut Burr brings an elegant finish to the design.

Deep Buttoning

Add deep buttoning to introduce a classic touch or add interest to your design.

Inspiration A selection of custom designs for the Three Sixty


Turntable technology

Established in 1948 by Josef Burgmeier, Bumat is globally recognised as the leader of turntable technology and kinetic systems. Crafted in Germany by a highly skilled team, turntables of all sizes are assembled and delivered around the world.


Our benchmade production allows for any shape of bed to be crafted, including round. Designed with a bespoke headboard, the 360's smooth curve contributes to the contemporary design. Finished with wood trim with a gentle twist to perfectly curve around the circular base, mattress and topper.

Savoir box spring star-lashing

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We take your privacy very seriously and won't share your data with anyone else