World’s first luxury speaker bed

Introducing the world’s first luxury bed featuring seamlessly integrated speakers by British brand KEF.

Savoir's luxury speaker bed upholstered in textural blue wool with integrated architectural speakers by British brand KEF

Recent scientific research uncovers that the feeling of life speeding up, which many of us experience, is driven by a lack of new experiences and thoughtful moments. Daily distractions, monotony, and routine create this feeling, causing many of us to feel uninspired. The constant need to keep busy and productive leads us to forget to cherish the little moments in life and to be present.

At Savoir, championing the art of slowing down is ingrained in our DNA. Where there is noise, we seek quiet and calm. And where there are distractions, we search for ways to stay grounded. Making time for new adventures, hobbies, and moments that capture our attention can help us regain the feeling of control over time. Our ethos has always prioritised wellness through a drive for slowing down and focusing on a natural, sustainable approach to life. And so, what better way to break out of monotonous routine than to introduce music into our days and nights?

Spending quality time relaxing and simply paying attention to each note of our favourite song will allow us to feel completely present in the moment, creating what science refers to as ‘memory anchors’. These anchors allow our brain to fully focus and remember moments, which eventually turn into memories.

The question of why time speeds up or slows down is related to attention. If we attend to time at the present moment, time slows down. But if we are distracted from time – say, we’re having a very interesting conversation or watching a movie – we don’t attend to it, and time speeds on very quickly.

Marc Wittman, Research Fellow at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg, Germany, and the author of Felt Time- The Psychology of How We Perceive Time (MIT Press)
Portrait image of the Seventy Five design showcasing a concealed architectural speaker by KEF on a blue wool upholstered headboard.
The Reference THX Certified Ultra Speakers with MAT speakers by KEF are seamlessly integrated into the hinged headboard. Removable grilles allow the sleeper to conceal or reveal the speakers at their leisure. Image by Alexander James for Savoir.
Close up image of the architectural speaker by KEF seamlessly integrated into the headboard of the Seventy Five design.

Inspired by our continued drive to create the perfect environment for a luxurious night of slumber, our latest collaboration with KEF unveils a new design, the Seventy Five. Named to mark the ideal number of beats per minute in a song that’ll help you relax, the design fuses our passion for craft with KEF’s unparalleled technology.

Taking over 150 hours of handcraft in our London Bedworks, the dynamic shape of the headboard gently cocoons the sleeper, resembling the signature curve of KEF speakers. Installed on both sides of the hinged headboard to allow for maximum sound impact, the aluminium grey speakers elegantly complement the Kvadrat x Raf Simons fabric, adding a masculine element to the design. With magnetic removable grilles, the sleeper can choose to conceal or reveal the speakers at their leisure. Combining innovation and sustainability, the headboard and base are adorned in a textural fabric created using sustainably sourced wool, which has been engineered to elevate sound quality.

Savoir's luxury speaker bed upholstered in textural blue wool with integrated architectural speakers by British brand KEF
The unique, textural upholstery by Kvadrat x Raf Simons adds a masculine element to the design. Image by Alexander James for Savoir.

The architectural speakers are seamlessly integrated into the headboard and powered by KEF’s original Kube8b subwoofers, which are discreetly installed at the base of the bed. The subwoofers feature the iBX technology, which intuitively powers the speakers, extending the base depth dynamically. At the heart of each speaker sits KEF’s 12th generation signature driver array – Uni-Q. This remarkable feat of engineering acts as a point of source, dispersing sound more evenly, allowing the sleeper to enjoy the same detailed sound wherever they are in the room. Hand-assembled in Maidstone, UK, the speakers are designed to meet KEF’s superlative standards both acoustically and visually.

Dark American walnut adds a classic accent to the design’s base. The bespoke side tables, crafted by the Savoir team to elevate the design, feature integrated wireless charging ports. These finishing touches create the perfect juxtaposition of modern and innovative design fused with timeless materials and craft.

The Seventy Five is paired with our iconic Nº2 bed set, which features a Slim base that nods to the innovative soul of the design. Over 80 hours of careful handcraft and layers upon layers of the finest natural materials create the Nº2 bed.

Its sprung base, consisting of hourglass springs, provides immense comfort, while the sumptuous mattress, originally created for the Savoy Hotel in London, gently contours the sleeper’s body, resulting in the most luxurious, restorative rest. Completed with the HCa topper, which adds the essential final layer of comfort while extending the life of the mattress, the Seventy Five is a rare and unique design that’ll ensure a lifetime of quality, restorative sleep.