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The Drift 500 Bed Linen Set

Giza 87 Cotton Percale

Our 500 thread count percale bed linen set is woven from Giza 87 cotton – considered the best Egyptian cotton in the world. Set comprises 1 x duvet cover, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases.

£666.67 to £1,716.67

Rare Giza 87 Cotton

Considered to be the best cotton in the world, Giza 87 cotton is hand harvested to preserve the natural qualities of the rare fibres. With this collection, we consider the 500 thread count as the ideal for a Giza percale; it emphasises all of Giza 87 cotton's most desirable qualities. The thread count, crispness and lightweight breathability all work in perfect harmony.

The Drift Collection

This Egyptian cotton set has a cool, crisp and ultrafine feel with a contemporary matte finish. Warmer sleepers can rest assured, as this range is ideal for keeping temperatures down and regulated, given its lightweight and breathable quality. Achieve deeper sleeps and brighter mornings.strength and quality, they will always retain their inherent glow, shimmering at even the smallest hint of candlelight.


100% Percale Giza 87 extra long staple cotton

500 thread count

Plain hem or with two-row cording in white or charcoal and silver

Cambridge pillowcase and duvet cover has a plain sewn edge

Oxford pillowcase and duvet cover features a fabric border with mitred corners

Machine washable

Made in England.