Interior design trends to watch now

From infusing your home with joy-inducing colour to adding organic shapes that create a relaxing ambience, explore the key interior design trends that’ll awaken your creativity.

Bold, yellow Claudia headboard featuring a Rococo shape.

Maison&Objet, the bi-annual design fair which takes place in Paris chose the simple words ‘take care’ as this year’s slogan. Paying homage to slow living, the show emphasised the importance of a mindful and sustainable approach to design. Along with Paris Deco Off, these shows are amongst the most influential design events of the year. Together, they pave the way for how interior design and architecture will look in the next year.

Your home reflects who you are. Through your favourite art, bespoke furniture, and clever use of colour, you can enrich it with your personality. While some trends come and go, we hand-picked the ideas that encompass craft and longevity that’ll elevate the timeless design of your home.

Forget sharp lines and monochromatic colour combinations. This year’s trends embrace organic shapes, bring nature indoors and add dopamine-inducing pops of colour. Discover the key interior design trends that’ll awaken your creativity.

The brazenly buoyant luxury sector is exploring new paths that draw on haute-couture artisan craftsmanship and high technology on the one hand, and pop culture and the values of inclusivity on the other.

Philippe Brocart, General Manager at Maison & Objet
Softly curved Amelia bed upholstered in directionless Kvadrat wool in pink, dressed in calming herringbone bedding.
Our Amelia design perfectly embodies the shifting focus towards organic shapes and curves. Photographed by Toby Mitchell for Savoir.

The emergence of organic shapes

The last few decades celebrated modern and angular shapes and silhouettes. Excitingly, going forward, we can expect to see soft and organic lines return to the limelight. Taking inspiration from the 70s, furniture, lighting and accessories will mimic shapes found in nature. From a delicate outline of a cloud to the dynamic movement of an ocean wave. Influenced by a more relaxed attitude to sophistication, this trend brings a playful, yet polished feeling indoors.

When upholstered in complementing fabrics, these organic shapes perfectly combine the retro aesthetic of the 70s with a modern twist. Our Amelia design is a great way to showcase how dynamically organic a headboard can be, bringing a welcoming ambience into the bedroom. Through a more tranquil approach to lighting, architecture, and soft furnishing, you can embrace nature in a unique way.

A sketch of the round bed and a craftsperson adding nailing detail to a headboard
Details of a Savoir craftsman adding old gold speckle nailing onto a headboard, adding an elegant element to an otherwise simple headboard.

Revival of the handmade

The charm of handmade items is enjoying a revival, thanks to their incomparable quality and longevity. From beautifully crafted furniture using sustainably sourced materials, to recycled textiles, which have been lovingly refined. Artisanal items tell a story that mass-made products can’t. This resurgence marries nostalgic elements of century-old craft with the needs of the modern world. Resulting in completely personal and bespoke products that combine art and function.

As the heart of your home, bedroom is the perfect place to infuse with the charm of the handmade. From small, decorative elements like lamps and night tables, to investing in a bed that becomes the room’s focal point. Whilst elevating the design of your bedroom, a bespoke bed will also improve the quality of your sleep. Combine the revival of craft with a sustainable approach by opting for a plant-based bed. Providing the comfort of the classic Savoir beds, The Reformer draws on sustainable ingredients found in nature. These materials respond to the resurgence of the focus on our well-being and sleep. Investing in a plant-based bed is a charming way to prioritise your health.

Detail image of the Elly bed, upholstered in rich, red velvet with ebony wooden legs.
Bold, red headboard of the Elly design brings an enthusiastic atmosphere into the room. Photographed by Michael Sinclair.
Savoir Elly design upholstered in rich, red velvet, photographed in a moody setting.

Striking colour

First noted in fashion, which inevitably translated into interior design, dopamine-inducing colours are set to be all around us in 2023. Whether through the addition of post-modernistic art or boldly painted walls, this trend will bring a joy-inducing ambience into your home. With jewel tones adorning rich textiles like velvet, you can add an eccentric feeling of decadence.

If painting an entire room bright red sounds a little too bold, you can instead use it as an accent. From ceramic vases and sconces in earthy hues to textiles and wallcoverings that beautifully combine lighter colours with these vibrant tones. Whilst adding joy and a spark of energy to your home, they’ll become the perfect conversation starter for your guests.

Savoir Felix bed upholstered in Zardi & Zardi digitally printed fabric, photographed at Upper Farm House Sussex
A bespoke headboard can serve as the perfect canvas for a work of art. Our Felix design is photographed by Michael Sinclair.

Art is everywhere

Another delightful trend emerging this year is all about infusing your interiors with art. Whether by using plants as sculptures through the Japanese art of bonsai, or textiles inspired by works of great masters. The ways in which you can incorporate art into your home are endlessly charming.

Rubelli, a renowned Italian textile brand with whom we’ve collaborated on many designs, focuses their 2023 collection on ‘Fragments of Venice’, where “the past and the present live together harmoniously”. Showcasing their abstract interpretation, these refined textiles tie in authenticity and elegance. So, for those seeking to incorporate more art into their home, textiles are an easy yet impactful way to start.

Three designs showcasing the collaboration with National Gallery in London, including digitally printed painting of Monet.
National Gallery x Savoir | A collection of exquisite works of art, digitally printed onto our bespoke headboards.

Our collaboration with the National Gallery in London offers a unique opportunity to adorn the paintings of great masters onto your bed. From Monet’s ‘Water Lilies’ to Redon’s ‘Ophelia among the Flowers’. The paintings are digitally printed onto the fabric, which is then upholstered onto the headboard and the base of the bed. In 2023, art no longer belongs just on our walls.

Images showing the texture of velvet and graphic print on the back of a headboard.
Velvet, leather and vintage-inspired patterns make great impact by infusing a sense of visual intrigue. Photographed by Michael Sinclair.

Whether it already found its way into your home or not, bouclé is here to stay. The sumptuous fabric continues to adorn furnishings – from organically shaped sofas and chairs to bespoke beds. Its unique softness embodies the slowed-down approach to design in 2023. Rich, textural materials are also coming back into the forefront, taking over delicate silks and linens. Our Winston design nods to the revival of the 70s with its unique upholstery in textural cognac leather. The back of its headboard is adorned in a beautiful geometric pattern using the Italian fabric by Nelson, gently nodding at the nostalgia of Art Deco design.

Unexpectedly, embroidery also made an appearance at this year’s design shows. Bright and colourful beads, hand embroidered onto headboards, lampshades and cushions wonderfully highlight the artisanal technique, adding texture to everyday objects and materials.

With the reintroduction of materials like velvet and leather and artisanal methods, you can elevate your home whilst staying true to your preferred aesthetic. Although trends change, natural materials and craftsmanship are timeless tools that help you infuse personality into your home.


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