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Cool Sleeping

A guide to keeping cool at night
Cool Sleeping - Lady relaxing on a Savoir bed

Your choice of bed, bedding and bed linen play an important role in keeping you cool at night. Overheating can be uncomfortable and have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. This may result in your sleep cycle becoming disrupted, leaving you feeling tired. Natural materials are key to regulating your body’s temperature and will help to keep you cool during the warmer nights.

Natural materials such as wool and horse tail, allow the bed and sleeping surface to breathe and wick away moisture. This helps you to maintain an optimal, even temperature throughout the night. Synthetic fibres, such as latex and foams, can cause sweating as they are unable to breathe and tend to retain heat.

Your body’s ability to regulate temperature is a big part of how it regulates sleep. During REM sleep the brain’s temperature regulating cells switch off and your temperature is impacted by your bed and sleeping surface. At this stage of the sleep cycle, you may begin to sweat and overheat. If your bed and sleeping surface is unable to breathe and disperse moisture effectively, your body temperature may start to rise. Through keeping cool, sleep disturbances are reduced helping to you to achieve a good night’s sleep.

From the perfect bedding for warm nights to a sleeping surface with an abundance of natural materials, we’ve compiled our guide to help you keep cool and enjoy a summer of restorative sleep.

Natural Bedding  

Every element of your bedding should help regulate your temperature whilst you sleep. The perfect bedding for the heat should be made from natural materials and feel lightweight. If goose down is your preference, choose a lower tog such as 4.5 for a cooler night’s sleep. An alternative to down is a pure silk duvet. The super soft natural fibres help to efficiently wick moisture away from your skin, preventing you from overheating. Our silk duvet is also encased in a soft Tencel fabric cover, making it perfect for balmy summer nights.

Switching your winter bedding to a lighter weight or different material will make a big difference to your sleep. If you still find a duvet too warm, try simply replacing it with a flat sheet to help keep you cool.

Climate Control

When it comes to the mattress and topper, natural materials are the key to temperature regulating. Materials such as wool, horsetail, cashmere and cotton all breathe exceptionally well, preventing you from getting too hot.

A mattress protector is an element of bedding that is often overlooked during the warmer months. A climate control mattress protector continues to help breathability, whilst helping to keep the sleeping surface clean and dry. Ours is filled with Tencel fibres which disperse moisture and keeps it away from the skin to help combat overheating, allowing you to keep cool. It can also be machine washed to ensure it stays super soft and fresh.

Cooling Cotton The Drift 400

Cooling Cotton

A good choice of bed linen for the summer is percale cotton. A good quality percale will combine extra long staple fibres and thread count to create the perfect balance of breathability and softness. For an ultra lightweight and super soft feel, choose Giza cotton, which has the longest and finest fibres available.

The Drift collection is available in both a 400 thread count and an ultra fine Giza 87 cotton. For more information, read our Bed Linen Buying Guide.


To immediately change to a natural sleeping surface a topper is great solution. Filled with an abundance of natural breathable materials, toppers can have an instant impact on your summer sleep. Wool and horse tail may not spring to mind when discussing cool sleeping. However, they boast wonderful moisture-wicking properties to help regulate your body temperature. Discover the four handcrafted Savoir toppers which are now available to order online.


Cotton pyjamas are a classic summer bed attire, as they offer great breathability and help to combat overheating during warmer weather. If you prefer a softer feel, silk is a wonderful alternative. Super soft on your skin, the natural silk fibres wick away moisture whilst you sleep, preventing you from overheating and maintaining your normal body temperature. Designed in London, Olivia von Halle’s collection of elegantly tailored silk pyjamas are a stylish way to stay cool.

Air Flow

If the temperature of your bedroom or sleep environment rises above 23.8°C (75°F) it can disturb your sleep and may even wake you. To keep the temperature down on extremely hot days, it may help to reduce the hot air and sunlight that enters the space during the day. By keeping certain doors and windows shut with blinds and curtains closed, this can help prevent the room from warming up during the day. When the temperature drops, the evening breeze and cooling night air can then enter the space.

Water Ritual

It’s known that a warm bath can help you relax. However, it can also help lower your body temperature. As bedtime approaches, your temperature naturally starts to decrease, and whilst it may initially rise during the bath, the process of drying off will help cool you down. As the water evaporates, this will naturally start to reduce your body temperature which can induce better sleep.

By keeping cool and minimising disturbances you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep, even in the warmest of weathers. To discover the importance of restorative sleep, visit our guide to Sleep + The Immune System.