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A Place to Dream

We spend a third of our lives in bed, but for most of us, it is so much more than just a place to sleep. Our beds are a place we look forward to going to at the end of each day, and how we spend this time is incredibly personal.
A couple on Savoir Elly bed

Celebrating the simple pleasure of being in bed, our new campaign ‘A Place to Dream’ features a couple dedicated to craft: Elly Suh, violinist and Florian Leonhard, violin maker.


Elly & Florian

As a violinist and a violin maker, Elly Suh and Florian Leonhard are soul mates of each other’s life journeys. Elly, a solo violinist and leading Paganini interpreter of her generation, shares the same language of music with Florian, whose entire life is devoted to handcrafting violins and who has become a well-known and trusted figure in violin-making and authentication. They shine in their respective fields while mirroring and helping each other hone their skills in crafts: Elly is a craftswoman of beautiful sound and Florian is the craftsman of the finest instruments in the world.

Savoir No.1 bed engraved plague

Savoir shares the same values as the couple when it comes to craftsmanship. Every bed is handcrafted by our own artisans from start to finish, and we value the skill, focus and commitment it takes to become a Savoir craftsperson. A dream bed comes from the ultimate pursuit of excellence and it can’t be rushed. It takes three years for a Savoir apprentice to learn their craft, and a lifetime to perfect it.


Violinist Elly Suh on a Savoir bed

Craftswoman of the beautiful sound

Elly Suh is celebrated as one of the leading Paganini interpreters of her generation and is currently undertaking a major recording project of Niccolo Paganini’s 24 Caprices for Solo Violin. Reflecting her modern creative spirit and innovative approach to music, the Paganini Vault project is a narrative audio-visual album.

Elly grew up in Seoul and started playing the violin at the age of five. Recognised as possessing a fiercely prodigious talent, she went on to enter The Juilliard School’s Pre-College Division in New York at just 10 years old. More than two decades on, Elly has mastered her craft, playing on a Guarneri del Gesù violin and bringing her own unique creative twist to every performance.

“Craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection in technique is a really important part of violin playing. In the end, having that absolute control can lead you to have absolute freedom when you’re on the stage. And in that moment, you’re not thinking about the technique and how difficult it is, but rather you’re translating that into magic.​” Elly Suh, Violinist

Elly and Florian

Craftsman of the world’s finest instruments

Florian Leonhard has a strong classic background in violin making and restoration, and his love for old Italian instruments has enabled him to develop his expertise in stringed instruments. Florian grew up in Düsseldorf in Germany. At just 19, Florian began his luthier training at Mittenwald; a school known for preserving the art and tradition of violin making. This formed the foundations of his career as a luthier. He went on to work for well-known violin dealers, where he worked as Head Restorer. Now, he is a well-known and trusted figure in violin-making and authentication, providing instruments and certification to artists all over the world.

“To me, craft has always been an extremely important part (of my life), because I loved the detail, I loved the skill, and I was fascinated by people being able to put something together with their hands that created something that others could admire for its precision.” Florian Leonhard, Violin Maker.

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