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Fusing comfort and luxury with WINCH Design Studio

Through the bespoke nature of our products, we often get the opportunity to work with some of the most extraordinary talent within the design world. We’ve partnered with WINCH Design Studio on many bespoke projects, combining our passion for craft with their experience in fusing comfort and luxury.
Bedroom design by WINCH

WINCH’s vast portfolio, ranging from luxury yachts to breathtaking architectural spaces and private homes, is one that continues to inspire. Beautifully fusing modern luxury with comfort and elegance, their creativity pairs perfectly with our handcrafted beds. They bring a home-like essence to yachts and contemporary spaces, through intentional use of lighting and textures. Perfectly polished materials like stone, glass and marble often infuse modernity into their projects. Whilst an addition of soft woods, handcrafted furniture and intricate details like rich, natural fabrics bring an element of softness.

Inherently glamorous, their projects juxtapose traditional craftsmanship and materials with bold accents of colour. Perhaps the most unique element about the studio is their ability to make every space feel calm and relaxing – both on land and at sea. Through their signature style, they create individual spaces that cater to unwinding. This considered approach to design is what inspired our conversation with WINCH, where we discuss the importance of having a relaxing space at home.

“Now, more than ever, our homes are seen as a shelter; a space with multiple identities that can be effortlessly transformed.”

Selina McCabe, Head of Interior Design at WINCH

The connection we each have with our homes has certainly regained its importance. We may have forgotten what makes a house a home in the past, but through the uncertainty of recent years, we again see our home as a place to unwind and reflect.

Often overlooked yet incredibly important, is having a space at home that’s dedicated purely to relaxation. Whether it’s a window nook, where you relax with a favourite book. A beautifully curated bedroom or a bathroom, adorned with scented candles that calm the senses. Having that one space can have a great impact on your well-being, and as a result, the quality of your sleep.

Calming bedroom by WINCH

The calming effect of mixed textures and white tones in a bedroom designed by WINCH Studio

We speak with WINCH Design’s Head of Interiors, Selina McCabe about her personal take on the importance of having a dedicated space to relax and unwind at home. Since joining the studio in 2007, Selina has worked on many projects, from architecture to yachts and aviation, creating beautifully unique spaces and designs that combine modernity, comfort and luxury.

Should a home always include a space that’s dedicated purely to relaxation?

Now, more than ever, our homes are seen as a shelter; a space with multiple identities that can be effortlessly transformed. A home today needs to function as an office and a quiet space to relax with a good book. It also needs to serve as an entertainment space to share with friends and family, sometimes instantaneously! With more of us than ever working in an environment that embraces flexible working, having a space that is dedicated to relaxation is integral.

“A home today needs to function as an office and a quiet space to relax with a good book.”

What does that ideal place look like to you?

For me, it has to be the perfect bedroom. A place to go at the end of the day and where you can unwind and feel instantly relaxed. Surrounded by pieces that calm the senses, like natural light, tone-on-tone materials, sumptuous linens, and outdoor views. Oh, and hopefully a big enough bed to accommodate my children sneaking in!

A bedroom with a view by Winch Design

A wonderfully calming bedroom with a view. Designed by WINCH Design


What are the simple changes we can introduce into our bedroom to turn it into our own sleep sanctuary?

Lighting is integral to creating a relaxing environment. The transformation from natural light in the day to warm ambient lighting ready for night-time reading can help the brain transition from morning to evening seamlessly. Another simple change is investing in great quality linens. There is nothing like the experience of getting into a freshly laundered bed with beautiful, soft bedding!

Are there specific colours, textures, or materials you tend to lean towards when creating a relaxing space?

The colour palette for a relaxing space totally depends on the environment you are designing within. It also depends on the personality of the person using it! Some clients opt for layers of tonal neutrals to suit a pared-back ambience. Others want a more playful approach with bold colouring. Used with confidence in parallel with considered lighting, colours allow the space to remain effortless and relaxed. Layering textures is also a great way to create a comforting and warm environment. With decorative pillows and a soft wool blanket, you can create a space suited to every brief.

“Used with confidence in parallel with considered lighting, colours allow the space to remain effortless and relaxed.”

And finally, how do you unwind after a long week?

Spending time with family and friends is my favourite way to switch off and gain perspective. A long, muddy walk in the fresh air followed by a home-cooked roast. Then, a chance to lounge on the sofa to watch a movie or play a board game while listening to a good playlist is just the best. As long as the family competitiveness doesn’t overrule the fun!

Learn more about the award-winning design studio here. For more exciting ideas on design, sleep and more, visit the House of Savoir.

All imagery is courtesy of WINCH Design.