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How to Choose a Bed

How to choose a bed - Savoir's Bed Buying Guide. We'll navigate you through the maze, so you can uncover a lifetime of quality sleep.
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Sleep is the single most important thing you can do for your health and well-being. More important than nutrition and exercise, it’s an entirely pleasurable way to improve how you feel the next day. Good sleep starts with the right bed, but there are several factors to consider when investing in a new one. We’re here to help navigate you through the maze and choose the right bed, so you can uncover a lifetime of quality sleep.


We need sleep to function, both physically and mentally. When we sleep, our bodies rest and repair. Sleep is brain food, as important as oxygen and water.

Despite its crucial role, more than 50% of us struggle to drop off. One of the biggest sleep enemies is an uncomfortable bed.

Your bed is by far the most significant element of a good night’s rest. It’s near impossible to get a deep, effective sleep on an old, uncomfortable bed. Mattresses lacking comfort, space and support are likely to leave you waking tired and achy, and will also have a significant impact on your partner’s sleep, too.


Taryn Toomey lying on a Savoir bed

It is essential that people sink into the bed to some extent when choosing the right bed.
Image credit: Taryn Toomey. Photography Jaimie Baird



The first thing to consider is support. The correct level of support is fundamental to ensuring that your spine is maintained in its natural position. To achieve this perfectly, you must sink into the bed to some extent or your spine will curve unnaturally and this may affect your posture. If you lie on your side, your hips and shoulders need to sink in to make sure you get support around waist level. If you lie on your back, your body must sink in sufficiently to ensure your lower back is well supported. We offer a split-tension mattress option, custom-made to your preferences, so both you and your partner can have a totally different support in the same bed.


Savoir box spring bed base for support

A good base will give the best support to the mattress and extend its life.


A firm base gives level support, but will firm up a mattress and reduce its life.


What base the mattress sits on makes a big difference. A sprung divan or box spring gives the mattress the best possible support, adding to the comfort and extending its life. A slatted base has a degree of flexibility but cannot match a sprung base in terms of support. It can also damage a pocket sprung mattress as the gaps create areas where the mattress is not supported.

A firm base gives level support, but will firm up a mattress and reduce its life. We can make a thin sprung base, which will fit invisibly within the majority of frames, even the sleekest of Italian styles.



The size of your bed is a hugely important decision. A UK king is 150cm, giving each person just 75cm each to sleep on, which is less than a single bed (usually 90cm wide). Similarly, a US Queen is 60″ wide, with just 30″ of sleeping space for each person. The more room you have to sleep in, the more comfortable and less disturbed you will be by your partner’s movements. We recommend opting for the largest size you can comfortably accommodate in your bedroom. For large beds, we offer zip and link mattresses and bases, to make them easier to handle and turn, but also to assist with access up staircases.

Natural Materials for Savoir Beds

Choosing natural and breathable materials inside the bed is crucial for your quality sleep.



When it comes to choosing the materials inside your bed, natural is best. Horsetail, wool (sheep and cashmere) and cotton all breathe exceptionally well. They provide excellent insulation properties and are critical for temperature regulation, which is important all year round. Maintaining the body’s temperature also helps improve the amount of REM sleep, which is essential for the most restorative sleep. These materials tend to be found in the most expensive mattresses, toppers and bases, but also offer greater longevity. Foams and latex are far less expensive, but don’t breathe, so can feel hot and deteriorate over time. One of the worst things you can do for your sleep is overheat, it disrupts the sleep cycle and increase sleep disturbances.



Whilst comfort, natural materials and size are all fundamental to good sleep, you also want your bed to look good too. We can offer infinite style options, including headboards, legs and an almost unlimited range of fabrics. Every bed we make is made to order, so you choose the design, tension, size and fabrics. We’ll then make your bed, precisely to your specifications in our Bedworks in London or Wales.



Given you spend a third of your life in bed, we believe it’s worth taking some time and care when buying one. Visit one of our showrooms, lie down and drift off. Try our range of mattresses and relax on the beds.

It’s an investment that will pay off every day of your life.


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