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How to find the perfect pillow

Finding the perfect pillow could be more important to the quality of your rest than you think. Read our guide to choosing the right pillow according to your sleeping position and needs.
Woman on a Savoir bed with a pillow

If you experience neck pain on waking or your pillow simply does not feel comfortable, then it may be time to reconsider what you are sleeping on. The leading determiner of your pillow type should be your sleeping position. 

Whether you are a back, side, or front sleeper, to maintain good sleep posture, your head, neck, and spine need to be comfortable and supported. If your pillow is too deep or high, your spine will have to curve upwards, and your neck will not be fully relaxed during sleep. Similarly, a pillow that is too soft or thin, may not give you sufficient support for your neck, making it overly stretch while you sleep. Ultimately, your neck needs to be maintained in a neutral position. 

Savoir pillows with natural materials

Pillows made from natural materials are breathable and offer great support


What is a perfect pillow made from?

Once you have established your sleeping position, consider what you want your perfect pillow to be made from. Natural materials are kinder to the environment, chemical-free, and breathable, so you can avoid any sticky tossing and turning. They are also usually machine washable, which helps keep them clean and hygienic. 

If you select natural fibres, then the feather content of the filling is particularly important. This is because a pillow needs to be able to support the weight of the head. A relaxed head and neck position can be ensured by strong feathers in the appropriate filling density. The percentage of down in a pillow varies and should be selected depending on the desired firmness and the required support.  


A lady sleeping on a Savoir bed

For a back sleeper, a perfect pillow should give adequate support for the head and neck


Choose the right pillow according to your sleeping position

Side sleeper

Your neck and head will need to be well-supported, so they’re aligned with your shoulders the same as when you are standing up. We, therefore, recommend a higher pillow for side sleepers, such as one with a firm core but soft, comfortable surround. Our three-chamber Siberian pillow has a highly resilient, shape-retaining feather core, and soft and fluffy down-filled chambers around it.  

Back sleeper

If you are mainly a back sleeper, your perfect pillow will allow for proper spine alignment. It must give adequate support for your head and neck whilst feeling comfortable. You will need your head to sink into the pillow, so a medium pillow with a beautiful feel is ideal. Our Siberian Goose Down pillow in medium or Canadian Goose Down with 10% feathers in soft is a good choice. The Canadian goose-down pillow has a little more weight to it, despite being a softer tension. 

Front sleeper

As a front sleeper, you will need a pillow that squashes down easily but remains lovely to the touch. Therefore, you may want to avoid feathers that can sometimes be felt through the cover when a pillow is compressed. Our Siberian Goose Down in a soft tension is our lightest-weight pillow. With no feathers, it will provide a slim profile, helping you maintain the alignment of your spine whilst you sleep. 

All our pillow types are available to purchase online and in our showrooms. If you want to test them beforehand, please visit one of our showrooms. One of our consultants will talk you through our range of pillows and assist with finding the pillow best suited to your sleeping position. 

To learn more about creating a calming bedroom and the importance of quality sleep visit the House of Savoir.