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Harlech 12 bed - Savoir house design


The New Standard

Couple in bed - Savoir Beds
A masterpiece of longevity and comfort, our Nº4 was created following demand from some of the world’s best hotels. Each bed is handcrafted to your specifications in our bedworks in Wales. There’s no such thing as a basic model at Savoir. We're setting new standards for luxury sleep.

Hours to craft Savoir's standard of luxury

No.4 Savoir bed angled image
CW Topper
This luxurious mattress topper is specifically designed so you awake feeling relaxed and renewed. Providing an added layer of indulgence to your bed, it is comprised of a core of soft loose cotton wrapped in swathes of thick wool.
Tufting on topper of No.4
Soft wool
The upper most comfort layer of this topper is wool, prized for being wonderfully soft, naturally moisture wicking and temperature regulating. This ensures you wake from our Nº4 feeling luxuriously refreshed.
Lambs wool being laid out on No.3 mattress
Trellis ticking
The generous filling of the Nº4 mattress topper is wrapped, like all Savoir toppers, in Trellis ticking, designed by Lady D’Oyly Carte in 1905 and used by Savoir ever since.
Close up of No.4 topper with trademark trellis ticking
Hand tufting
To ensure your topper stays plump and even, it is carefully hand-tufted and knotted. As you sink into the Nº4's soft filling, your feet will be slightly elevated for better circulation, and so a deeper, more restorative sleep.
The Nº4's deep mattress is filled with superior quality wool, a hair pad and needled cotton, layered above and below tall nested pocket springs. The result is perfect support, and a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Every night will feel like a night at the Savoy.
No 4 Savoir mattress
Curled hair
The springs within the Nº4 mattress are carefully sandwiched between two luxurious pads of curled tail hair. This ensures every contour of your body is cushioned and supported whilst you sleep.
A stack of pocket springs
Soft wool
After the layers of curled hair, we add a layer of needled cotton to the mattress, and add a final layer of soft, heat regulating and moisture wicking wool. This combination of materials provides a first class sleeping experience.
Savoir craftsman cutting wool
Cotton tufts
The mattress filling is then encased in Trellis ticking and hand tufted to ensure the soft, springy, natural filling remains even throughout the lifetime of your bed.
Savoir craftsman hand tufting
Box spring
The box spring provides the perfect foundation for your Nº4 bed, supporting your weight and ensuring the mattress has give and independent movement. A bed of both luxury and longevity.
Savoir box spring base
Our craftspeople put their carpentry skills to work, handmaking a strong, durable wooden frame from Grade 1 pine. We carefully take the time to screw and glue the Nº4 bed frame, never using staples alone like most manufacturers.
Cutting dovetail joints
Webbing springs
Diamond-threaded, hand-stitched hessian webbing is used to interlink the hourglass springs, whilst allowing independent movement. This ensures the base of the Nº4 will move with you while you sleep.
Webbed interlinking of No.4 box spring
Trellis ticking
Finally, the box spring of the Nº4 bed is covered in the trademark Trellis ticking, just as our beds have been for over 100 years.
Sewing of the unique Savoir ticking
Tailored for you We make everything to order; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create a unique piece of furniture.
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