Savoir Cassie bed with a mustard headboard and soft edges and charming curves in a bedroom with large window Savoir bed with a mustard headboard and soft edges and charming curves in a bedroom with large window


The Savvy

Lady lying down on a bed, wearing sage green pyjamas.
Live fast, sleep slow.
A bed for playing, for dreaming, for living.
Made bespoke, for the everyday. The Savvy. A bed for real life.

Hours to craft the Savvy

Savoir No5 bed featuring the CW topper, No5 mattress and base, all upholstered in signature blue ticking pattern.

The Savvy

A bed so comfortable you won't be able to resist an early night.
Image of a craftsman laying the natural base craft.

Add your toppings

For delicious early nights, late nights, sleepovers and lay ins, your Nº5 features a topper of generous layers of plush cotton, with a soft wool outer layer, all wrapped in Savoir's trademark Trellis ticking.
Image of a craftsman preparing a mattress with natural materials

The craft of calm

Lovingly refined, carefully stitched and crafted by hand, the materials that make the Nº5 help you cultivate an environment that gives your mind and body exactly what you need to rest and recharge.
Image of the horse tail delicately handled by a craftsman during the manufacturing process.

Softly soporific materials

Mood-calming natural materials make this a lullaby in bed form, from the sumptuous layers of soft, moisture wicking and temperature-regulating wool, to the naturally bouncy, supportive hair layer, to the breathable cotton. Sleep is nature’s balm, and this bed is powered by nature.
Image of a craftsman preparing a mattress with natural materials

A bed for real life

Early nights, late nights, afternoon naps, lazy lay-ins, catch up Sundays. However you choose to sleep, the Savvy helps you do it well.
Close-up image of our No5 mattress, featuring the signature blue upholstery with our trademark Trellis ticking.

Sustainably Savvy

Resting and recharging well are a matter of personal sustainability. But the Nº5 , like all Savoir beds, is environmentally sustainable too. Your Nº5 will come with a twenty-year guarantee and is built to last a lifetime. It is made with 100% natural materials, and never any plastics, latex, or memory foams. This reduces waste, landfill, and emissions – keeping your carbon sleep-print light.
Savoir craftsman in Wales Bedworks in the cutting room.

Sleep Savvy

Good sleep is stress-busting, mood-lifting, creativity-boosting and anti-aging. It keeps us healthy and happy and helps us be our best selves. And every aspect of the Savvy has been carefully considered and crafted to set the scene for your best sleep, and your best you. But should you choose to use your bed sanctuary for other things, its cloud-like soft support is great for that too.
Image with pocket springs enveloped in natural Calico fabric

Spend Savvy

We spend a third of our lives in or on bed, and we share it with those most important to us. The right bed enables a good life and will last a lifetime. A well-made bed is not cheap, but good sleep is priceless. We believe it’s worth investing in a sleep sanctuary that’s handcrafted, with time-honoured natural materials, made-to-order, and made to your unique specifications.
Base of our No5 bed, featuring the plump No5 mattress, all upholstered in Savoir's signature blue cotton with Trellis ticking pattern.

The art of self care

To create the ultimate foundation for self-care, each Nº5 is handcrafted to order, in our Wales Bedworks.
Lady lying down on a bed, wearing sage green pyjamas.

The joy of staying in

The pine and ply frame is nailed and glued, never stapled. The 7.5 turn springs of the box frame and the mattress are wrapped in calico pockets to maintain your ideal level of support. Your bespoke headboard is upholstered in your choice of luxury fabric. The layers of wool, needled cotton, and hair are painstakingly arranged, before everything is hand finished, sewn and tufted to perfection. We put this much care into your bed because we know it will care for you back.
Savoir No5 mattress label signed by a craftsman

Tailored for you

We make everything to order; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create a unique piece of furniture.
Browse a selection of our premium designs that pair perfectly with our Nº5 bed - setting new standards in comfort and longevity.


Experience perfect sleep