Image of the No 1, beautiful designer bed, with a light green deep buttoned custom head board, in a room at Syon House surrounded by Corinthian columns and marble statues and a guitar propped against it. Savoir Hugo No.1 Bed


One dream. One focus.
The One.

Image of a craftsman hand polishing the Savoir No 1 plaque attached to one of the luxury custom beds
The culmination of over a century of bed-making expertise, requiring at least 120 hours of handcrafting, the Nº1 is the ultimate in luxury.

Hours to complete
the world's most luxurious bed

Image of a luxury Emperor bed, compete with custom headboard in a room to display craftsmanship
HCa Topper
Plump with the world’s finest materials, our HCa Topper is the ultimate comfort layer for your Nº1 bed, giving you the feeling of floating, weightless. The Nº1 mattress topper features lavish layers of horse tail, sheep's wool and pure cashmere encased in a delicate stretch cotton. If you wish, you can also choose to add Mongolian yak hair, to further elevate this topper's sumptuous feel.
Close up of the detail of luxurious cashmere and horse tail Savoir bed topper
Tengri Khangai Noble Fibres
Hand-combed once a year from semi-wild yaks that roam on the mountains Khangai region of Mongolian, the yak hair found in our topper is even softer than cashmere with outstanding breathability and temperature regulating properties.
Laid by hand
The soft, supportive ingredients of the Nº1's mattress topper are carefully laid by hand. Designed so that your feet are gently, almost imperceptibly elevated, the topper aids circulation and promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.
Photograph of a Savoir Beds craftsmen making one of the custom size beds
High tech cotton
Swathes of soft fillings are enveloped in high-tech cotton. This special fabric with natural stretch ensures you really feel the true benefits of the sumptuous materials beneath.
Photo of a luxurious Savoir HCa topper made with the finest South American horse hair and sumptuous cashmere.
Hand tufting
Every topper is expertly hand-tufted and knotted. This beautiful detail ensures the filling maintains its full and even distribution.
Layer upon layer of the very finest natural materials ensure you awaken from the Nº1 fully renewed. Lavish quantities of hand laid horse tail, cotton and wool encase tall contour-hugging pocket springs. The result is, we believe, the world’s very best handcrafted mattress.
A Savoir craftsmen stitching the handles onto a mattress
Hand-tied pocket springs
Our seven and a half turn pocket springs are made by us in our Bedworks to different tensions. Each one is encased in soft calico, then hand tied for independent movement.
Image of Savoir's pocket springs, which are made in house, and wrapped in natural calico
Hand-teased horse tail
Coiled into millions of tiny curls, horse tail is the ultimate natural spring for our mattress. It cushions and supports every contour of the body whilst you sleep. Like wool it’s naturally hollow, helping to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. We spend hours hand teasing it for perfect distribution and spring.
Hand slipping
To allow for greater quantities of filling in every Nº1 mattress, we use the technique of hand slipping. Using a semi circular needle we hand stitch the mattress closed, locking the comfort in.
A craftsman hand stitches a Savoir mattress closed, allowing opulent amounts of horse hair to be inserted to elevate comfort and longevity
Box spring
Our Nº1 box spring provides a foundation of pure comfort, crafted from the finest materials; horse tail, hourglass springs and beech. The box spring is essential for supporting the bed's mattress, ensuring give and independent movement.
Hourglass springs that are used in our box spring bases, hand-tied for better longevity and comfort, tailored to your tension preference.
Dovetail joints
The hardwood beech frame for the Nº1 is tailor-made for a specific client. Measured, cut and sanded to perfection, showcasing the grain of the wood and the beautifully hand-cut dovetail joints. The bed's frame is finished with a contrasting walnut or Macassar ebony trim.
Savoir's woodworking tool used to cut dovetail joints
Hand-tied springs
Nine-inch hourglass springs are hand-tied in eight directions. This interlinks them whilst allowing for independent movement. The springs are then covered with a jute fabric before generous quantities of premium horse tail and a layer of cotton is added. These foundations of the Nº1 promise a luxurious night's sleep.
A craftsman making the cane edge on a No 1 box spring base
Cane edge
Lengths of cane are hand-tied to the outermost hourglass springs of the bed's base. They are then upholstered in a roll of horse tail which is stabilised with two rows of hand stitching to create a strong yet flexible edge.
Hand tying the hourglass springs on a No 1 box spring base
Tailored for you We make everything to order; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create a unique piece of furniture.
The design of your Nº1 should be no less than exceptional. Choose from a selection of our beautiful bed designs, or create your own.


Dreams realised