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Science of Sleep When you sleep, your body rests and repairs. Your immune system restores and your skin, muscles, blood are regenerated. Your brain detoxes, replays information and preserves important memories. Sleep is the essential ingredient to maintaining a functioning brain and body. Sleep well and you will awaken refreshed.
Sleep Expert to Savoir, Dr Rebecca Robbins

Dr Rebecca Robbins

Sleep Researcher and Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

We know sleep is important, but how does it really help maintain a healthy brain and body? To decipher the science and the true impact of sleep we turn to Sleep Expert to Savoir, Dr Rebecca Robbins. Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Associate Scientist, Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and co-author of ‘Sleep for Success!’ Dr Rebecca Robbins’ research looks at ways to improve sleep awareness through novel behavioural interventions. From immunity and anti-aging to performance and brain function, we are on a journey with Robbins to uncover the fundamentals of healthy sleeping.

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed. You spend a third of your life in bed, so investing in the right bed is essential for sleeping and living.
Cool Sleeping - Lady relaxing on a Savoir bed
To keep your spine in its natural position, you must sink into the bed to some extent, or your spine will bend unnaturally. Keeping your body in the correct position is vital with feet slightly elevated to improve circulation.
Lady lying on a Savoir bed
Enhance your REM sleep – the most restorative, mood-enhancing part of your sleep cycle, with the correct support for different parts of your body. This relieves pressure points and removes the disruption from tossing and turning.
Lady lying on a Savoir bed
Your body temperature usually varies according to the sleep stage. Naturally breathable materials are essential to maintaining your normal body temperature at the sleeping surface, channelling moisture away and in turn, improving the quality of your sleep.
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When you spend a third of your life in bed, space is essential. A standard king size bed allows you a comfortable 2ft 6 (75cm) each if you are sharing, but a larger bed offers greater comfort. Partner disturbances are reduced and the quality of your sleep reaches even greater heights.
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Wellness Good sleep is fundamental to our health and vitality. More important than nutrition and exercise, it provides an immediate, entirely pleasurable way to improve our well-being. So when life pushes you faster, step off the merry-go-round and sink into a Savoir.
Tarry Toomey by Rachael Dunville

Taryn Toomey

Wellness Expert

The Class by Taryn Toomey has been lauded as a transcending practice, garnering recognition from news outlets like Fast Company, The Hollywood Reporter, WSJ, Vogue, The New York Times, and The New Yorker. Known for transforming students with her magical, virtually unexplainable workout, Taryn is on a deep soul journey to become one with her past and open herself to higher purpose and greater fulfillment.

Sleep tip 1
"One hour prior to getting in bed I take a magnesium and potassium supplement that helps relax the body, my favourite is Natural Vitality's Calm. I also like taking CBD to calm the nervous system and prepare my body for sleep."
Taryn Toomey's class shot by Jaimie Baird
Sleep tip 2
"I check emails, text messages, or anything electronic prior to getting in the shower or bath, which is typically 30 minutes before bed. I let this be the final moment for all electronics. I turn my phone off and put it away for the night so I am not collecting electromagnetic radiation. "
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Sleep tip 3
"Make sure you do some sort of water ritual before bed to wash off the day physically, emotionally, mentally. I always take a bath or shower before bed to rinse off my day. I find this incredibly important, understanding that we collect our day on our physical body and need to clean it off. "
Taryn Toomey - The Class
Sleep tip 4
"From here, I get into bed and put my legs up on the back of my headboard for 10 minutes. Hands on my body, taking time to follow my breath in and out. I use this time to take stock of my day, not obsessing or analysing, simply noticing. A moment of reflection."
Taryn Toomey - The Class
Sleep studies Throughout the past 116 years, Savoir have crafted extraordinary beds for a diverse range of clientele, from prime ministers, entrepreneurs and designers to actors, singers and socialites. When the great and good are weary, let them sleep on a Savoir.
"Well, it was sublimely comfortable for one thing. Like climbing on to a cloud and pulling a duvet over me."
Sophia Money-Coutts, The Times
The Savoy Royal Suite Bedroom
“Nearly a century later, this luxurious model, slumbered on by the rich and famous, is still made today as the Savoir Nº2 bed and slept on by a slew of celebrities.”
Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Forbes Magazine
Mick Jagger in The Savoy Hotel
“Each Savoir Bed is hand-made to order in the UK, with skilled craftsmanship and the finest natural materials. After a night’s sleep on a Savoir, our guests are ready for the day ahead, mentally alert and physically rested. For the hotel, Savoir beds have been woven into the fabric of The Savoy since 1905, with memorable experiences at the heart of everything.”
The Savoy London
The Savoy Hotel
“If you are among the many sleep deprived in our society, you can at least indulge in an exceptional bed that will make those brief reclining moments as pleasurable as possible. One of the best sources for the ultimate sleep experience is London based Savoir Beds.”
Arianne Nardo, Robb Report
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“Oh Golly, my Savoir Bed. I want to eat it, let alone sleep on it… a soufflé of white marshmallows dotted with dollops of caviar. I went to bed immediately after getting home from the office at 6 and listened to a sublime recording of Don Carlos and drunk gin in total, blissful luxe…”
Nicky Haslam, World-leading Interior Designer
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