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Amelia bed - Savoir house design


The Superior

Lady tucked in a Savoir bed
Nearly two weeks of skilled handcrafting and masses of the finest natural materials make our soft and sumptuous Nº3 bed. Each one is carefully made to order in Wales using the traditional craftsmanship and materials for which we are famous.

Hours of handcrafting Savoir's Superior bed

Savoir No 3 bed angled
HW Topper
Sink into a topper of long, loose, hand-teased horse tail wrapped in soft wool and our trademark Trellis ticking. Like all our mattress toppers it is filled to slightly raise your feet, boosting circulation, and with it quality of sleep.
Tufting on topper of Savoir No.3
Horse tail
Craftsmen carefully tease the loose hair by hand to ensure even distribution and a plump result.
Coils of plaited horse tail
Soft wool
The millions of natural springs of horse tail are then wrapped in soft, durable wool, before being encased in our Trellis ticking.
Lambs wool being laid out on No.3 mattress
Petal tufts
The topper is carefully hand tufted using soft fabric. This ensures the filling remains evenly distributed throughout the lifetime of your topper, and in turn that ensures a perfect night’s slumber on your Savoir.
Close up of tufting on Savoir No 3 topper - black and white
The deep sumptuous mattress of the Nº3 is lavishly filled with fine natural materials such as loose tail hair, a hair pad and layers of cotton and wool. This provides support and comfort as well as heat regulation and moisture control.
Side sticking of a mattress
Pocket springs
Our seven and a half turn, small steel springs are made in our Bedworks and encased in natural calico. We carefully select the right spring tension for you to ensure your bed has the right tailored support.
Savoir pocket springs
The Nº3 mattress is packed with premium natural fillings – which we weigh before hand-laying – to provide sumptuous support and heat regulation during the night.
Craftsman hand laying horsetail hair
Side stitching
Using a large needle every Savoir mattress is side stitched, connecting the side of the luxurious mattress to the pocket springs to control the movement of the filling.
Savoir craftsman side stitching
Box spring
The ideal durable, supportive and comfortable foundation for sleep, the Nº3 box spring is crafted from Grade 1 pine, hourglass springs and loose tail hair. It holds your weight, allowing the mattress and topper to provide quality support and comfort.
Savoir Bedworks in London
Hourglass springs
The independently sprung base is created by star-lashing each spring by hand. The tension must be exactly right to create the perfect support for your Savoir bed.
Savoir craftsman star-lashing a box spring base
Hair roll edge
A hair roll, a little narrower than the Nº1 and Nº2, but still carefully stuffed and stitched by hand is added. This is the finest possible type of edge, providing spring and preventing the sagging associated with many beds.
Hair roll edge
Loose tail hair
A layer of hand-teased loose tail hair brings an added layer of support and premium comfort. Wool tufts then connect the ticking and the hessian covering the springs. This ensures the filling stays evenly distributed within the box spring.
Savoir box spring being handmade
Tailored for you We make to order; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create your unique Nº3 luxury Savoir bed.
A selection of our designs that marry beautifully with our Nº3 - for an undeniably comfort with a premium Savoir design.


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