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Felix bed - Zardi and Zardi’s ‘The Procession of Bacchus’


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Savoir heritage - Liza Minnelli
Commissioned for the Savoy hotel in 1905, slept on by such luminaries as Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe, and handcrafted in London to this day. The Nº2 is a masterclass in craftsmanship, comfort and style.

Hours to complete our most iconic bed

Savoir No 2 bed angled
HW Topper
Created to complement the original Savoy bed, our HW topper adds the essential final layer of comfort to your bed. As you sink into its softness, your feet will be slightly elevated, improving circulation, and therefore, sleep.
Savoir No.2 topper
Hand-teased horse tail
Mountains of long, loose South American horse tail fill the Nº2 topper. The horse tail is carded in our 100 year old machine then gently teased by hand.
Lambs wool
The curled horse tail is encased in a generous layer of fine, soft lambs wool. Synonymous with comfort, this layer gives a light yet decadent feeling. It is also moisture wicking and temperature regulating.
Savoir mattress making
Our most famous mattress, the Nº2 marries natural materials with exceptional handcrafted details. The result is sublime comfort that’s been enjoyed by the great and the good for over 100 years.
Master craftsman side stitching a mattress
Pocket springs
Hand-tied seven and a half turn pocket springs underpin our Nº2 mattress. They are enclosed in loose horse tail, cotton and lambs wool and hand-stitched closed.
Rows of springs
Horse tail
Following time-honoured tradition, the Nº2 is filled with millions of natural micro springs courtesy of swathes of horse tail hair, teased and laid by hand.
Basket of horsetail rope
Using a semi-circular needle we hand stitch the mattress closed. This painstaking process that allows us to close the edge over far greater quantities of loose horse tail than machine sewing.
Side sticking of a mattress
Box Spring
The Nº2 deep box spring is crafted from pine, hourglass springs and horse tail. It holds your weight, allowing the mattress and topper to provide support and comfort.
Savoir Bedworks in London
Hourglass springs
Large hourglass springs give the bed stability while protecting the mattress. Yet more levity is provided by a layer of loose hand-teased horse tail.
Box spring star lashing
The springs are hand-tied to one another, and the frame, in a radial pattern. Precisely the right tension must be achieved on each spring to maintain the shape and comfort of the bed.
Up close image of star lashing
Hair roll edge
The edge of the bed is given extra stability with a hair roll, encased in hessian and two rows of hand stitching.
Savoir bed being made
Tailored for you We make to order; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create a unique piece of furniture.
A bed worthy of greatness needs good design. Combine it seamlessly with our iconic Nº2 bed.


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Welcome to a lifetime
of quality sleep