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An undressed Savoir No1 bed featuring the base with a luxurious mattress, topper made using the finest materials like cashmere and horse tail

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Standard & Bespoke Bed Sizes

Savoir produces beds in standard UK, US and European sizes or any custom size you require. Our most popular size for UK and European customers is a Super King (180 x 200cm), the next size up from a King (150 x 200 cm). Our Savoy King is commonly referred to as a ‘small Emperor’ at 200cm by 200cm, whilst our full Emperor is 210cm by 210cm.

In the US, King is the most frequently purchased size at 76”x 80”. We can also make a California King (72" x 84") and US Emperor (84" x 84"). Clients can choose to add length or width to their bed to create any custom size.

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A Savoir craftsmen stitching the handles onto a mattress
Savoir bed label
A craftsman hand slipping a mattress, a traditional technique used to make a mattress
Closeup of the side of a mattress, showcasing the side zip and gold vents, all handmade at Savoir Bedworks