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Renaissance inspired "Triumph of the Gods" beautifully framed.
Savoir Felix 03 bed in Zardi & Zardi

Zardi and Zardi’s ‘The Procession of Bacchus’ is the hero of this design, framed with a hand-rolled edge and subtle old gold nailing.

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Designer's notes

Mattress/ Bed Nº
Seen above with a Savoir slim base, but works with any of our bed sets. Partners particularly well with a slim profile to bring focus to the headboard, or with Nº1 for a more sumptuous look.

The Felix headboard. Crafted with natural materials and upholstered by hand for a unique finish. Made by Savoir craftspeople in London or Wales.

Upholstered in a bespoke digital print from Zardi & Zardi’s ‘The Procession of Bacchus’. Finished with old gold speckle nailing.

Angular metal legs with a brass finish.

95cm above topper/mattress.

Prints, plains or art look equally striking on the Felix headboard. Choose piping or nailing to frame the design.

Customise your bed We hold no stock; your bed begins with you. From the shape of your body to the style of your home, dimensions, materials and fabrics can all be personalised to create a unique and bespoke piece of furniture.

Bed Sets


Our deepest box spring base and mattress for the ultimate in comfort. Best suited to the grandest designs.


The original Savoy bed, created over a century ago and handcrafted in London to this day. Sublime comfort and craftsmanship.


Handcrafted in Wales, the mattress, base and topper are made using the traditional craft methods and materials for which we are famous.


Created following demand from some of the world’s best hotels, the Nº4 feels firmer than our other models, yet breathes longevity and comfort.


Our slender base is just 12cm deep but offers all the comfort of a box spring.



Natural fibres – pure cotton, linen, or wool or a blend. Any fabric, any colour, suitable for upholstery.

Gold velvet fabric


The epitome of luxury, velvet offers a tactile feel as well as striking aesthetic.


Smooth and supple, leather and suede are timeless material choices.

Herringbone fabric

Small Pattern

Herringbone, check or floral to name a few, a subtle print can transform a design.


Bold stripes, abstract or floral. For when you want to make a statement.

National Gallery

Choose a National Gallery painting to adorn your headboard.



Versatile and low key with gentle gliding action.


Solid wood blocks, gently tapered. Also available in oak, maple or fully upholstered.


Sleek and minimal for a contemporary aesthetic. In a brass or silver finish.


Our tapered leg with the addition of slim metal caps. Available in a gold or silver finish.


A graceful curved wooden leg in a Rosewood finish.


Classic Georgian style legs. Choose a light or dark finish, with or without metal caps.


Slender metal legs with a slim hourglass. Available in a gold, silver, or antique brass finish.


Organic shape, designed to emulate a cloud. Crafted in metal. Various finishes available.


Contemporary metal leg with a minimalist aesthetic. Bronze finish.


Traditional claw foot, gilded in gold or silver.


A clear cylindrical leg.


Simple wooden blocks, the perfect partner to deep bases.



Add single or double piping for definition or to accentuate curves.


Enhance a classic design with nailing in brass, silver or old speckled gold.

Wood Trim

Contrast trim in Walnut, Ebony, Oak or natural Maple adds refinement.

Veneered Wood Trim

Wood trim in Macassar Ebony or Walnut Burr veneer brings an elegant finish to the design.

Inspiration A selection of custom designs for the Felix


Rolled edge

The rolled edge on this headboard is carefully crafted by hand. Filled with loose hair, it takes time and expertise to perfect it. The end result has a distinctly handcrafted appearance that adds to the beauty and grandeur of the design.

Savoir box spring star-lashing

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