Matthieu Zuretti on creating the world’s most luxurious yachts

The socio-economic impact of the pandemic has sparked the need for many of us to reconnect with nature. For some, this has created the drive to embark on a nomadic life. For there is nothing more soothing or inspiring than spending the days sailing the seas and drifting off to the calming sound of waves.

Savoir at Sea - the Luna bed presented against dark-wood interior of a yacht.

With more of us seeking to move our lives closer to the water’s edge, creating the perfect night’s sleep at sea is a challenge most designers dream about. But finding the tactile balance between form and functionality on board is no small feat. From selecting the right materials that are durable and weather-resistant, to designing in a constraint of awkward corridors and low-ceilings. The task of creating an environment that delights and dazzles in what is essentially a moving vehicle is something only a few design experts have been able to perfect.

As one of the most distinguished names in superyacht design, the Zuretti Design studio brings decades of experience to maritime living. Having designed some of the world’s most breath taking yachts, the studio understands the nuances of creating the perfect night’s sleep at sea. Recently, we spoke with Matthieu Zuretti, board member and procurement director at Zuretti Design Studio, who shared with us the elements he considers when designing superyachts.

Matthieu Zuretti and his team at their office
Matthieu Zuretti and his team at Zuretti Design Studio. Image credit: Zuretti Design

Savoir: How did your journey with yachts begin?

Matthieu Zuretti: From an early age, I was captivated by my father’s work on yachts. My father, Francois Zuretti founded the studio in 1987 in Geneva, before moving to Nice to be closer to the yachting world of the French Riviera. My interest and passion for yachts began with a fascination for naval design and engineering. The combination of aesthetic beauty, technical innovation and practical functionality of yachts captivated my attention.

What are the key differences between designing residential properties and yachts?

The main challenges in the realisation of yachting projects include the management of limited space, technical constraints related to navigation, and the need to integrate navigation-specific systems. Compared to residential projects, weight constraints, resistance to the elements and safety at sea are unique considerations.

What is the most important element that helps you deliver exactly what the client wants? 

Finding the right suppliers is essential. This ensures the quality of materials and equipment used in yacht building, helping to meet customers’ high expectations in terms of performance and style.

The combination of aesthetic beauty, technical innovation and practical functionality of yachts captivated my attention.

Matthieu Zuretti
Image of Matthieu Zuretti, the board member and procurement director of Zuretti Design
Photograph of Matthieu Zuretti, the board member and procurement director of Zuretti Design.
Cutout image of the Luna bed, designed for the perfect night at sea.
Our Luna design, created for the perfect night's sleep at sea.

How do you approach making the best out of limited spaces in a yacht?

Bespoke is often the ultimate solution for making the most of limited space on a yacht. Every inch of the space can then be maximised to meet the customer’s specific needs, while maintaining comfort and aesthetics.

What impacts and drives your creativity the most? 

For me, creativity is stimulated by constant exploration of design trends, travel, observing nature and the arts. Team collaboration – the exchange of ideas and the diversity of experience – also helps enrich the creative process.

What role does sustainability play in your projects?

Sustainability is increasingly integrated into our projects. We do this through a focus on the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies and designing for maximum energy efficiency.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

Among the key lessons of my career, I learned the importance of adaptability in the face of technical challenges. The need for effective communication with customers, and the constant quest for innovation to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Savoir Felix bed upholstered in Zardi & Zardi digitally printed fabric, photographed at Upper Farm House Sussex
The ability to create completely bespoke bed allows the designer to bring true comfort and luxury on board. Image credit: Michael Sinclair for Savoir.

Does sleep play an important role in your life?

Sleep is crucial to maintaining an optimal level of performance. Healthy sleep routines and stress management are top priorities to ensure lasting productivity and creativity.

And lastly, what is one luxury cannot live without? 

The luxury I couldn’t give up is free time for reflection and socializing. Also, the opportunity to travel and discover new horizons. Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to luxury, and it’s essential to find a balance that contributes to personal, family, and professional well-being.


The alchemy of combining comfort and luxury with functionality is something Savoir has championed for over a century. Our latest endeavour, Savoir at Sea, celebrates the unique challenge of crafting the perfect night at sea. Allowing our clients, and designers, to enjoy a lifetime of restorative, quality sleep, wherever their life may take them.

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