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New Year’s Rituals

The beginning of a wellness journey. Inspiration for your self-care routine.
A ballet dancer jumping on a Savoir bed

The new year is normally a time for resolutions. However, following last year our resolutions in 2021 may take a slightly different approach. For many of us, this year may be the beginning of a wellness journey to find new ways to take care of ourselves. Over the years we have worked with leading designers to craft extraordinary bespoke beds and partnered with wonderful brands to create calming sleep experiences. From ballet dancers to nutritionists, we wondered how they plan to switch off this year. From essential oils to soothing sounds, discover their self-care routines and common practices which help them to drift off.

Elizabeth Harrod, Soloist, The Royal Ballet

“With a busy life I can often find it hard to switch off. I now make a conscious effort to go to bed early, read and fully enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience our Savoir bed offers.”

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ALister, Nicole, Bill and Teo


Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Alistair Hughes, Claudia Baille, Bill Amberg, Nicole Fuller, Teo Yang

Sharon Lillywhite, Founding Partner, Oliver Burns

“I always try to start and end each day positively. I’m embracing the extra time in the mornings at the moment as there isn’t the usual mad rush for the school run and using this as an opportunity to adopt a slower, more relaxed pace. I meditate in the mornings before exercising, as well as setting my intentions for the day. I find keeping some beautiful stationary by my bedside reminds me to keep up this practice! As part of my bedtime routine, I light my favourite candle and relax in the bath in our master suite whilst listening to podcasts. I then reflect on what I’m grateful for that day and note it down in my journal. I will then put my phone on Airplane mode and leave it to charge in another room. This allows me to fully disconnect and limit any distractions and ensures my bedroom feels like a welcome retreat at the end of each day.”

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 Sania Pell, Interior Stylist & Author

“On awakening the first thing I see is a shelf ahead of me displaying a few of my favourite things, a calming piece of pale abstract art resting and some of my most treasured ceramics. Organised in a pleasing composition, this scene makes me happy.”

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Alistair Hughes, Managing Director, Savoir

“Sleep is of course a great restorer, and vital to our mental and physical health.  This is more than ever the case now.  A great bed helps, but your brain also needs to be ready to sleep.  Checking messages on your phone before turning out the light is a disaster on two fronts.  Firstly, messages can be stressful or set your mind racing, this is not what you need.  Secondly, electronic screens emit a blue light which we know stimulates the brain, again not good for sleep.  So, my resolution is to avoid my phone for the hour before going to bed. I’m unwinding with a good old fashioned printed novel.  I find I get to sleep faster, and I’m also getting more of it, without spending longer in bed.”

Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, Country & Town House

“After years of going to bed surrounded by the same set up, I have now found an ideal combination. Instead of identical pillows, I’ve gone rogue with four different types, with varying levels of squidge. Each has a white cotton cover. One pure linen, one 300 sateen and two at 600. Whether I’m sitting up and reading, sinking into slumber or having a daytime doze, I have the right pillow for every scenario.”

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Teo Yang, Founder, Teo Yang Studio

“I’ve started to create a soothing playlist which I listen to before going to bed. I’ve also always made time to read for 30 minutes before going to bed. It definitely leaves me in a relaxed state which helps me sleep better. It’s been said that those who read before going to sleep show significantly greater memory and mental abilities!”

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Nicole Fuller, Founder & Principal, Nicole Fuller Interiors

“A scent that calms you can do wonders.  A mixture of Lavender and other soothing oils in a bottle with some added water to spray on your bed linens prior to going to sleep can be invigorating and calming at the same time. It can bring you to a soothing place and can almost instantly transport you into an even deeper sleep.

Also, a good morning stretch is the best way to start the day out beautifully. It stimulates and prepares you for the adventure ahead and resets your body from a wonderful sleep.

These are two things that I try to incorporate into my self-care routine on a daily basis and now with the exciting new year ahead I am even more focused on following my own bedtime tips!”

Nicole designed the Stella for Savoir, view the design here.

Carole Annett, Sania Pell, Winder Ton, Sharon Lillywhite, Jonathan Mason, Gregor Rosenkranz giving their self-care routine tips

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Carole Annett, Sania Pell, Winder Ton, Sharon Lillywhite, Jonathan Mason, Gregor Rosenkranz

Winder Ton, Head Nutritionist, Anatomē

“In your bedtime routine you need to achieve full relaxation of the body and introducing relaxing essential oils can help you to achieve better sleep. Therefore, when adding an essential oil, we recommend that you’re calm and still. Put your phone away, be present. At your bed, drop the oil onto your fingertips, then start breathing in and out slowly at the same speed.

Massage vigorously and slowly on your shoulders, chest, ears and the soles of your feet. Allowing the scent to travel into your nose, opening your airways which will help promote better relaxation of the body. That way you decrease your breathing rate and blood pressure, which consequently releases relaxing neurotransmitters that will support you through the night with a great night of sleep.”

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Anatome Bottle of Sleep Oil

Jonathan Mason, Craftsman, Savoir

“Sleep has always been a priority for me and it’s becoming increasing important as the years go by. I have a comfortable bed which the team in the Wales Bedworks crafted for me which helps me achieve a great night’s sleep. However, I find it hard to switch off in the evening as my mind keeps running. So, this year I’m going to focus on finding new ways to help me relax and devise a self-care routine. I’m not sure what they may be, but I’m going to first try to avoid looking at my mobile phone.”

Gregor Rosenkranz, Strength & Conditioning Coach, The Royal Ballet

“Our recommendation to dancers is at least 8 hours of good quality sleep to ensure the benefits of recovery. Studies performed on athletes show that even 10-12 hours of sleep would be beneficial yet, due to the busy schedule (late performances, early class) of professional dancers this might not be feasible in this context. Therefore, it is important to have good sleep hygiene, ensure sleeping and waking times are consistent, with no light-emitting screens (phone, tablet, computer, tv) at least 30 minutes before going to bed, having a dark room with a cool environment (~18°C) and avoiding caffeine and other stimulants prior to sleep.”

Stream performances from The Royal Ballet via roh.org.uk

Claudia Baille, Design & Interiors Journalist

“Much effort has gone into perfecting my bed over the years, and now with the right mattress (relatively soft), topper and bedding (all down and feather as luckily, I have no allergies) it really is the comfiest, warmest nest. One thing I have started doing is layering different colours and patterns of bed linen, rather than using matching sets. I split my all-season duvet and put each half in different covers, mix up the pillowcases then layer on throws and cushions too. This gives the bed a little more personality, and you can add in alternative linens to switch things up whenever you fancy.”

Bill Amberg, Founder, Bill Amberg Studio

“My new resolution is to go to bed a little earlier with a fantastic book. It’s a treat to read where it’s warm, quiet and comfortable and to drift off to sleep with a head full of great ideas.”

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Taryn Toomey, CEO, The Class

“Consider setting up what feel’s like a sanctuary to you…for your mind and body.  Do you like soft blankets?  Aromatherapy?  Think about some specific things you can set in place to signal to your body that it’s time to rest.

Try to stop drinking liquids an hour to two before bed.  Get your hydration early in the day.  A solid night’s sleep is much more important than the evening hydration, which you should begin in the morning.  Waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night interrupts your sleep, which is essential for your health.”

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Taryn Toomey, wellness expert and founder of The Class, shot by Jaimie Baird for Savoir

From adjustments to bedtime routines which can be easily implemented to creating a calming bedroom, it is the simple changes that can help us relax and recharge. So, in place of resolutions why not introduce self-care routines which will help you on your wellness journey?

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