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Savoir bed designs come to life at London’s Pitzhanger Manor

The artistic ambience and rich history of the Pitzhanger Manor are what inspired us to photograph our bed designs here.
The Claudia Design

“With these delightful prospects in view, I wished to make Pitzhanger Manor-house as complete as possible for the future residence of a young architect.”

John Soane

The Pitzhanger Manor was purchased and redesigned by architect John Soane in 1800. Soane’s hope was to create a showcase for his works and a family home to a dynasty of architects. The Manor and its gardens are a lasting testimony to Soane’s imagination and talent as an architect. His inventive use of light, space, and experimentation with forms of classical architecture earned him great success. He is considered one of the most inventive European architects of his time.

When a new visitor arrived at the Manor, Soane offered them a grand tour of the property. He’d take them around each room, showcasing the unusual paint schemes and dramatic lighting effects, which revealed his skill as a designer. He saw the acts of walking through and experiencing the architecture as being akin to the acts of a play. Now, after undergoing major renovations to reflect Soane’s vision, the Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery are open to the public. Discover the story of how our bed designs came to life at this one-of-a-kind Manor.


A creative spirit

Details of the Claudia Design

The Claudia Design is upholstered in Lelievre’s frozen leaves pattern

The Eating Room is where we found the perfect place to photograph our Claudia design. Upholstered in a pattern of frozen leaves, the design is soft and radiant against the calming blue walls. It’s where the Soane family dined, danced, and hosted grand dinner parties. Attended by the likes of Lord and Lady Bridport, Monk Lewis, and Turner. One can’t help but wonder what it would have been like to attend one of their infamous gatherings.

You can feel the creative spirit of its past visitors as soon as you enter the room. Situated on the ground floor of the Manor, anecdotally this was the family’s favourite room. From a beautifully crafted ceiling and warm, wooden floors to windows overlooking Walpole Park. The room evokes a romantic feeling of joy.

A true essence of European design, Claudia, like the architect of this very Manor, dares to stand out. Italian Rococo silhouettes shape its unique headboard. The fabric, designed by the Parisian brand Lelievre is weaved with three contrasting colours that complement each other. A juxtaposition of the graphic print and a traditional headboard shape add a moment of playfulness. The bed design is accentuated with crisp piping and Georgian legs, which nod to the Georgian architecture of the Eating Room.

Paired with a Nº3 bed set, Claudia’s base and piping are upholstered in Loro Piana’s ‘Altai’ fabric. The melange finish of this fabric provides a smooth, complementing effect against the printed fabric of the headboard. Nearly two weeks of handcrafting and layers upon layers of the finest natural materials make the Nº3. This bed set is a true master of understated elegance. Allowing the headboard, which stands at 125 centimetres (49 inches) above the mattress, to take centre stage.


Beautiful by nature

The Max Design

The Max design combines decadent luxury and comfort

Reimagined by John Haverfield, the son of a famous landscape designer at Kew, the garden boasts a remarkable array of colours. Lavish landscapes of plants, flowers, and cedar trees surround the Manor. The sweeping drive is deliberately framed by trees and shrubs, that beautifully shield the Manor away from the outside. At the back, through the conservatory windows, you can enjoy views of the park. In the middle of which sits a small, curved lake. The one where Soane and Turner enjoyed their time fishing together.

The Drawing Room is where we found the perfect place to photograph our Max design. Situated directly above the Eating Room and made to precisely the same dimensions, the two rooms couldn’t be more different. As opposed to the rest of the house, where intricate ceilings take centre stage, drawing your eyes upwards, this room is a maximalist’s dream come true. Its walls are adorned with a beautifully intricate Chinese print. Although the original wallpaper is no longer there, the print was recently painted by hand as part of a restoration project.


Elegance meets maximalism

The Max is paired with our most luxurious bed set, the Nº1. With over 120 hours of handcrafting, this bed set is made exclusively at our London Bedworks. Layers of the finest natural materials and a culmination of over a century of handcrafting make our Nº1 the ultimate luxury.

Max’s headboard is hand-upholstered in one of our favourite fabrics, the ‘Adamo and Eva’ by Dedar. Accentuated with an intricate border in horsehair fabric by John Boyd. The deep and rich colour of both fabrics is a nod to the gilded, artistic soul of the Manor. The beauty of this bed design is its versatility. Sat against minimal surroundings, it’ll create a dramatic sense of glamour and elegance. When paired with a more maximalist décor, it’ll feel right at home.

Details of the Max design

The details of Savoir Max design

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