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The Story of Giza Cotton

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Whilst China, India, and the United States dominate global cotton production, Egypt still produces some of the finest cotton in the world. The reason for this is down to the Nile River valley. The region provides the ideal setting for cotton plants and has enabled growers to raise long and extra-long staple varieties. The rarest and most prized of these kinds of cotton is Giza. Esteemed as the finest Egyptian cotton, Giza is grown in a small area to the north east of the Nile Delta close to the river. Here, the combination of humidity, sunlight, and nutrient-rich soil provide the ideal growing conditions for this very special Egyptian cotton.

Seeds are planted in April when it’s mild and then harvested in September to allow the plants to reach maturity. Representing around 0.5% of Egypt’s cotton production, Giza cotton is carefully picked by hand, rather than using mechanical harvesting. This ensures the fibres inside the cotton bolls remain intact.

Giza cotton

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What is so unique about the cotton is down to the quality of the fibres. The growing condition and variety of plants mean Giza cotton has extremely long-staple fibres. These are greater than 36mm with very high uniformity. The fibres are ultra-fine and when spun into a yarn making the diameter smaller than other cotton types. This means that more threads per square inch can be used to create a stronger fabric with less weight.

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There are a few varieties for Giza cotton, but we select Giza 87 for its softness, high uniformity, and stretch resistance. We offer both sateen and percale, which are woven in mills in Italy that can handle the very fine fibres. Our Sateen has a high thread count of 1000. This is only achievable due to the long fine fibres of the Giza cotton. The cotton goes through a mercerisation process to give it a soft, silky feel and a lustrous sheen. The sheen will soften with each wash over time, but the sheets remain incredibly soft and comfortable throughout their life.

Our percale in a 500 thread count has a different look and feel. Ultra-lightweight, it has a smooth and matte appearance. The combination of a lower thread count and extremely fine fibres means the cotton sheets have greater breathability than the sateen. This creates the ultimate percale, with gentle crispness and unrivalled softness not normally associated with this type of material.

Oxford finishing

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Both our Sateen and Percale Giza materials are cut and sewn at our supplier in the south of England.  The finishing is key for this luxury cotton, to showcase its unique properties. So, if your preference is for soft and smooth, lightweight sheets, Giza cotton could be the perfect partner for your Savoir bed.

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