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Savoir x Sacha Walckhoff

Inspired by the handcrafted Savoir mattress pocket springs, Sacha Walckhoff has made these the hero of his collaborative design with Savoir. The ‘B’ bed features pod-like cubby-holes and a headboard made entirely of pocket springs. In a retro silhouette, the ‘B’ bed nods to the furniture of 1970s, while its functionality, material and trend-driven colourway bring a contemporary edge.
Sacha Walckhoff B01 bed
Sacha Walckhoff by Neil Bicknell

Sacha Walckhoff

Creative Director

In August 1992, Sacha Walckhoff met Christian Lacroix, which was to be the start of a long-lasting collaboration between them. The Creative Director for Christian Lacroix since 2010, in the last few years, Sacha has been dedicating some time to more personal creations.