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The Dream 1000 Bed Linen Set

Giza 87 Cotton Sateen

Our 1000 thread count sateen is woven from rare Giza 87 cotton, considered as the best Egyptian cotton in the world. Set comprises 1 x duvet cover, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases.

£775 to £1,995.83

Rare Giza 87 Cotton Sateen

Ultra fine and lightweight, rare Giza 87 cotton is hand-harvested in a small region on the Nile Delta to preserve the quality of the fibres. Renowned for its long, fine, continuous fibres, these enable deliciously high thread counts creating unrivalled softness and smoothness.

The Dream Collection

An option for the true voluptuary. Proudly made in England, these linens emit a pearlescent glow and feel unimaginably cool and smooth to the touch - like Calacatta marble. This cotton sateen range is sourced from one of Italy's finest mills, and then mercerised - a technique that creates softer bedding with a signature sheen.


100% Sateen Giza 87 extra long staple cotton

1000 thread count

Plain hem or with two-row cording in white or charcoal and silver

Cambridge pillowcase and duvet cover has a plain sewn edge

Oxford pillowcase and duvet cover features a fabric border with mitred corners

Machine washable

Made in England.