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The world’s most luxurious topper celebrates sustainability

Limited edition, featuring the finest Khangai Yak fibres to create the ultimate in natural, sustainable luxury.
Tengri Khangai mountain Yak

The limited edition Nº1 HKy topper defines exclusive luxury. Tengri’s premium yak fibres, sustainably sourced from Khangai Yaks go in to this world’s most luxurious topper, to create the most luxurious bed. Hand-combed, the fibres from these indigenous creatures are soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool and hypoallergenic. It is the world’s most luxurious topper that illustrates Savoir’s signature comfort with the ultimate in natural, sustainable luxury.



Tengri is a natural partner for Savoir


What is Tengri?


With award-winning environmental credentials, Tengri is a natural partner for Savoir, as they champion innovative and sustainable manufacturing using prestige noble yak fibres. Tengri works directly with 4,500 nomadic herder families in the Khangai region, ensuring a fair-share income whilst establishing herders’ land rights and offering consumers a 100% transparent supply chain.

Nancy Johnston, Founder of Tengri, comments:

“Sustainability and natural luxury shouldn’t be mutually exclusive and our exciting new collaboration proves this, achieving the epitome of aspirational luxury.”

A Khangai Yak can be found in the lush valleys and wooded peaks of the Khangai Mountains in western Mongolia. Although Khangai Yaks are combed quite frequently, the yield is still small, making it very rare. Khangai Yak hair features a unique texture and colour, found only in animals native to this region where they graze on mineral rich grasslands. It has incredible natural properties; resistant to water and odours. However, most importantly it is naturally thermo-regulating, the reason why it’s included within the Nº1 topper.  The fibres can withstand temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees in the wild. In addition to also regulating moisture, aiding optimum conditions for sleep. With only 100 grams of fibre available from each yak per year, the HKy topper is a precious investment.


Herders and yaks

A Khangai Yak can be found in western Mongolia


£500 from each HKy topper purchase is donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society. This will help to undertake conservation outreach and research in Mongolia. To discover more about Tengri, visit tengri.co.uk