Handcrafted sleep, 100 years in the making

The Savoy hotel
We have spent over a century perfecting the art of sleep. Over that time we’ve mastered time-honoured techniques and made leaps of innovation. We’ve passed knowledge and skill down through generations and we’ve challenged pre-conceptions about rest. We cut our cloth with precision, never, ever cutting corners. Some things are worth taking time over. Sleep is one of them.

    Chapter one. The visionary, 1889

    Impresario Richard D’Oyly Carte opens the Savoy Hotel, setting a new standard in luxury and comfort. Guests marvel at ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, rooms bathed in electric light, and ascending rooms, (or lifts as they are known today).
    Richard D'Oyly Carte

    Chapter two. The Savoy Bed, 1905

    Unable to find a bed to meet his exacting standards, D’Oyly Carte commissions upholsterer James Edwards Limited to create the ultimate bed. The sumptuous Savoy Bed is an immediate success. This masterpiece is still made today, (ask your design team for the Nº2) and the spirit of its creation governs everything we do.
    Savoy opening advertisement

    Chapter three. The Savoy Bedworks, 1930s

    To ensure complete exclusivity D’Oyly Carte buys James Edwards Limited. At the behest of his guests he allows select customers to commission their own Savoy beds. The Savoy Bedworks is born.
    Historical picture of star lashing a Savoir box spring

    Chapter four. Beds of note

    The late King Hassan II of Morocco, known to travel with a large retinue and his own furniture has his mattress damaged in transit. Forced to use a Nº2 bed, he declares it ‘like sleeping on a cloud’ and orders 24 for his palace.
    Savoy bed design in a gold satin fabric, photographed at The Savoy Hotel in London

    Chapter five. Slow business

    A new owner is sought for the Bedworks, on the condition that they continue to make the now legendary Savoy bed using the same time-honoured methods; bed of this quality cannot be made in a factory. The Savoy reject all offers from modern bed manufacturers. The new owner is the only buyer willing to commit to slow business, keeping the existing craftspeople and continuing to use traditional handcrafting and the finest natural materials.
    Historical picture of a Savoir mattress maker

    Chapter six. A new standard in luxury, 1998

    With growing demand from hotel clients, a new classic is launched, the Nº4. Before long their well-slept customers ask to buy it too, and so the Nº4 enters our showrooms. It combines simpler handcrafting techniques with the fine natural materials and fillings we are famous for, without compromising on comfort and luxury.
    Virginia White's Savoir Bed Portrait shot

    Chapter seven. Special commissions

    Harking back to our history of combining traditional handcrafts with leaps in innovation, we begin taking special commissions from our most particular clients. We create tailor made beds for private jets and yachts, revolving beds and round beds. And as with every Savoir bed, every last detail is considered to ensure the perfect combination of comfort, support and style.
    Sketch of Sacha Walckhoff's B Bed

    Chapter eight. Raising the bar, 2005

    The Nº3 arrives, more sumptuous than the Nº4 and less complex that the Nº2. Additional layers of loose horsetail in the mattress and topper promote yet deeper sleep and customers report awaking feeling more refreshed.
    Amelia 01 pink - Savoir House design

    Chapter nine. The last word in luxury, 2010

    A new masterpiece is born. The Nº1 is designed for those who demand only the very best. Our deepest, most sumptuous bed yet, it is the apogee of bespoke bedmaking and the Savoy immediately order one for their Royal Suite.
    The Savoy Royal Suite Bedroom

    Perfection cannot be hurried